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Another useless thread - What are your favourite thread topics?


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All of us have threads that we are just eager to read and contribute to.. then there are ones you look at and just "oh man, not one of these again" (this one is a good example).

So what topics would you rather see? Lets keep this positive and constructive though, so as not to downplay other peoples' choices, I'm only asking for ones that you like, not ones that you don't.

For me, in case it wasn't obvious, its sex threads, drugs/pharmacology threads, science/nerd threads, politics with a leftie swing, and anything positive that makes you feel good by reading.

Oh man am I bored at work.


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My favourite are the "Board ruining thread for ..." type threads.

I get so excited when I see them cuz it feels like I am spying on someone elses private life.

Cheers ... Ian


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My favorite are "what are you eating" threads, it is incredibly fascinating to know what everyone ate for lunch, it makes my day that much more fufilling.


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sex thread
music threads
picture threads
art threads
simpson threads
drug/science threads
political threads
gino-mobile threads


Smiley Jo

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I like the threads where I can post cheesy song lyrics about how i'm feeling.
Cuz sometimes music says it better...



Jeremy Jive

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I like threads about other threads. Its so much fun to pretend that I can go back in history and see what it was like to live in the time when the thread was new.

jeremy -I like to imagine a lot- jive


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I like threads about:

-brasilain models
-favorite b-movie actors
-stuff by Deep or Klubmasta Will
-pictures from jams that I went to
-late night activities
-valerian root


Syntax Error

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i like the late night, only 10 people posting and they're all fucked up and half of those useless threads end up being deleted in the morning. so i enjoy spam.

also anything where i can slip in a cosby or primus reference is cool.