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Another Toronto Homicide, you thought you'd heard it all when...


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TORONTO (Reuters) - Police are looking for as many as four women who beat and robbed a bingo player for his C$1,000 winnings, leaving him dead.

Yousif Youkhana, 58, was attacked as he left a suburban Toronto bingo hall on Friday, but managed to make his way back inside before he collapsed and died.

A Toronto homicide detective said on Monday that Youkhana, a regular at Finch Country Bingo, had a heart condition, but the cause of death was still undetermined.

Det. Stephen Ryan said police have spoken to several witnesses and are going through videos from the bingo hall's surveillance cameras. He said it is only a matter of time before the women are apprehended. "We're told these women frequent the place."

Lucy Szinegh, the hall's manager, said Youkhana played bingo about three times a week and that she often exchanged greetings with him. "We have a friendly atmosphere here...a good, hard-core clientele."

Szinegh said nothing similar had ever occurred at the hall, which gets than 1,000 patrons a day.

"It's very important to me that a man has died," she said. "We are trying to take the correct procedures to make the hall a better environment, a safer environment."

Bob Choisser, publisher of Bingo and Gaming News, said he is surprised bingo theft isn't more common because there is so much money in the halls.

"There are some jackpots that reach a quarter of a million," he said.


I can't help but shake my head anymore.
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I read that yesterday, there's alot of strange things in the drinking water these days.

oh yeah people are fuct!
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i was under the impression bingo players that won a fairly large amount of $ were to be escorted to their cars by a bingo hall worker / on duty police officer.
i guess not.


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as a former bingo caller i am shocked and astonished this does;t hapen regularly - bingo players are not all the sweet blue haired grannies with lucky trolls and pictures of their grandkids like you might think!!!!! there are the bleached blonde, haggard, stained toronto maple leaf jacket wearing, unfiltered cigarette smoking nogoodniks that would shank ya for the the Super Jackpot consellation prize!!!