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Another quick question...


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Am I mistaken or is the director of Spiderman, the director of the Evil Dead movies and a Simple Plan?
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my favorite bmovie-turned big time is Peter Jackson. His first movie, Bad Taste, is one of the best gore flicks i've ever seen! Then he did Meet the Feebles,Dead Alive (lawnmower scene = goriest evar!) The Frighteners, Heavenly Creatures and most recently, Lord of the rings! I'm sure there were tons of people who had their doubts - and i'm sure there must be some interesting scenes that will be in the dvd version!


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OH YEAH! I still have to see Meet the Feebles! I keep getting it confused with Meet the Dweebles.

Nice. My next rental for sure.

Puppets having sex!
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Sam has been directing mad shit lately
He just put something else out ... but I comepletely forget what it's called :confused:



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Sam Raimi recently did "The Gift" with Cate Blanchett, Keanu Reeves and Hilary Swank. I rented it a while ago...it's pretty freaky and disturbing.

And I LOVE Meet the Feebles, it's hilarious. Like a really twisted adult Muppets.