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Another phone thread LG4600 or the Motorola T731C

dj Red Turtle

TRIBE Promoter
I'm on the Telus network and currently have the LG4600 for less than a week. It seems my old LG520 had better reception than the new one. So I'm looking for other options. How is the Motorola T731C?





Motorola T731C
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I have the motorola and I've had no problems with it at all. Clear reception, lots of pretty ring tones etc. Doesnt' Filipina Smurf have the LG now? Mabye she could tell you about that one.
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dj Red Turtle

TRIBE Promoter
^^ Yeah she does. I just bought the LG4600. The reception is just not as good as my old LG 520.

I should've taken a look at your phone last night.