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Another New Remix - Beatflippers - Turkey Tacos (Darren Marshall)


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Just finished off another one for the Beatflippers... MUCH bigger sound than the last and more 'my taste'.

I'm actually quite proud of this one production wise... sounded great after the final mixdown.

Be kind to the song and if whenever possible play this on a decent set of speakers. There is a pretty low end bassline that bounces and pushes this one forward. Cheap desktop/laptop speakers wont really allow the line to be heard properly..

It starts getting promo'd later this week but here's a 4 min sneak/peak preview for your listening pleasure / comments / feedback.... released later this month.

Darren Marshall - BeatFlippers - Tribal Tacos ( Darren Marshall Remix ) - Dirty Deluxe Records - SoundCloud

Thanks as always!


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Well whoever it is listening.. (the track was played 90 times since yesterday... kind of cool... cuz... well, thats never happened before? lol).. thanks for listening...



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Thanks man.. much appreciated!

The track came out this morning on Beatport for anyone interested.

Any and all support will bring you good karma!!! :p

Thanks in advance.
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