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Another Internal Corporate Communications Opportunity

Sunshyne Jones

TRIBE Member
Anyone who is / knows an intermediate-level PR / Communications person looking for a new gig, let me know. The job I'm leaving is being turned into a job I wouldn't have left had they done this before I found a new job!

Actually, I'm still happy to be making the change I'm making, but what it means is that the job that's being posted is one I can recommend to someone who's looking for this kind of work. it's with one of the top Canadian banks. the role will now report into HR and will be dedicated to the team (Cdn and US) reporting into the CFO of the Bank. It's pretty cool, varied and interesting.

the incoming person will have to be ready to take on a large division, get up to speed quickly and be able to strategize, produce / write and do communications planning & consulting, be able to write for executives and be interested in corporate culture / change management communications.

PM for more info / job description.