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Another CNN Washup?


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Film maker Dave vonKleist of "In Plane Site" was given a few minutes with Glenn Beck on CNN.


Let's see Dave has numerous former military experts backing up his questions and Beck....well I dont think much of people like him. Looking at Becks face alone makes your skin crawl at how corrupt these people are.

Anyone else notice the trend of the media ignoring the facts and always going off topic. They seem to suggest things like Area 51 and other nonsense to discredit the people that actually have facts and do proper research? Coincidence? Nope, "they" cant hide from their lies and BS anymore so they spewl insults and mis information because this is all they got left.

The silent majority IS winning now and the big boys look like the 5 year olds they really are with their sensless antics.

Beck mentioned his friend saw a plane, he forgot to mention his friend did not see a plane hit the pentagon. I wonder why that would be?

Me thinks Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson enjoy their lives having it paid with the blood money they receive for the great jobs they do.

Is it really a wonder why so many chose to go their own way and research information for themselves after time and time again we get fed this BS by the mass media.

It doesnt take much to see who has something to hide in this vid, I wonder why they keep trying so hard though. Maybe Becks afraid he will get bumped off the time slot like AJ Hammer.

FACT: AJ Hammer and his show had record highs and created much attention to the 9/11 cover up when Charlie and Alex appeared on it.

Why did they bump the show to a different time slot then?
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Good clip.

Dave came across really well. He was clear in stating that he was not presenting an alternative, that he was not creating conspiracies, and that he was simply asking a question.

I don't think Beck was trying to cover anything up, I think he's just an idiot. He didn't do his research, I bet he didn't know a thing about Dave or his theory before he came on. Shame on him. If he was half reputable he would have had a better defence ready. He had nothing, he didn't even know why he beleived what he did. I liked his fall back to "my friend saw a plane." Clearly his friend, who works with him, saw one go into the twin towers.

This Beck guy is worse then Tucker. At least Tucker is fun to laugh at and knows when he's in trouble (Jon Stewart). Beck didn't even realize what was going on.


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I have seen the documentary. It is very well done.

The documentaries you should be watching are

1. 9/11 Eyewitness (raw video and audio captured)
2. Loose Change 2nd Edition (deals with other issues, pentagon, flght 93, etc.)
3. 9/11 Revisited (a wealth of information of controlled demolitions)
4. 9/11 In Plane Site (similiar to loose change)
5. The Truth and Lies of 9/11 (Michael Ruppert ex CIA exposing 9/11 at its best)

Pass the below website link to anyone and everyone you know.

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Its been a while since I watched it but it goes over the Pentagon, the Trade Towers collapsing and the Flight 93.

I like 9/11 Eyewitness the most because it is raw footage and captures audio (seismic activity) of the WTC 1+2 and WTC7. The DVD does not go over anything but what it captures which is the most important thing of all.

There is no denying this DVD, get the high quality version of 9/11 Eyewitness. I have seen many jaws drop after screening it to many friends and family.


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I will admit the pod theory is in the documentary In Plane Site, disregard it at first if you will. It does make sense though as you start to pick up the other evidence though.

I dont push the pod theory on anyone because it usually starts flame wars and the usual suspects start throwing in all kinds of BS into the mix causing threads to injustice.

If your interested Boss Hog below is the best link with information that Flight 175 that hit the tower was not Flight 175 at all.


Keep in mind if you blow up the pictures up from that thread there are no passenger windows on that plane. Seems amazing at first just like the pod theory, hell the whole official story is a lie so why not decide for yourself and research it?


Boss Hog

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Not to belittle any of the reading or research you do, but I've been at it for five years now and have heard of most theories out there. I've subscribed to a few of them myself (such as the Pentagon flight and what might have happened there) but some of them seem just a wee bit retarded.

So what I'm saying is that I have researched it to death, and I don't see how making an argument about whether or not a plane was the plane, or was carrying mystery pods or whatever is helping your argument. I'd argue that it weakens it. It's a red herring in the whole issue.