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Another Baldy original needs criticism!!!


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I had a lot to think about after the feedback you guys gave on my last track, so I thought I would put up something for you to listen to that I made in the last few days.

Click to download "allure".

I'd be happy if you gave it a listen and posted comments if you so desired.

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I didn't really dig the first half too much but that was just me and the way I like things structured. The second half fell more into step with what I enjoy as I whole I liked it.

As far as production goes, nothing really struck me as needing work but I don't have the best montiors right now it's just a huge ass powered speaker that I'm using so I probably missed a bit.


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This track left me with a kind of unsatisfied feeling. I think it jumped around too much and I couldn't get the focus of it. I think it might need a little focus, instead of rolling into different elements that don't go together well.

You have good left and right spacial separation, but front to back could be enhanced with differing amount of reverb and delay.

docta seuss

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deus speaks the truth. needs flow. interesting sound, but changes are too abrupt... not that abrupt change is always bad, but i wasn't feeling it here.

has much potential tho :D


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Yeah, I was actually wondering yesterday about techniques I could use for more depth spatially.

..and the amount of headroom. :(
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Reverb and delay add space to your tracks. A lot of your sounds are pretty dry, meaning they don't have any effects on them, and therefore everything seems to be very up-front. The amount of reverb you put on different channels defines how set back or up-front they are in the mix. The more reverb there is the more distant the sounds seems. You have to do this with percussion as well as your other sounds.