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Another Baldy Movie Alert!!! "Dead Man"


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Right now (1:30 am) on APTN (Ch 71), Jim Jarmusch's brilliant "Dead Man" starring Johnny Depp, and lots of great supporting actors (Alfred Molina, James Coburn to name two) and an amazing score by Neil Young.

The only movie I have ever watched three times back to back in one sitting. A must-see.



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Too bad it's on a channel with commercials. BOO! Totally ruins the flow of the film which, in the case of this film and (to be pretentious) its ambience, is important.

I should have said Robert Mitchum, not Kames Coburn.

Joe, APTN is Aboriginal People's Television Network, channel 71 on Rogers cable.
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orange richie

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Watched this last week. One of the better flicks I have seen in quite some time. Neil Young's soundtrack is killer, really brings out the feeeling of the shots. What a surreal journey.
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hehe it was me ;p

oh well..i will add it to the to rent list.

neil young soundtrack sounds interesting..