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another AG survey!


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Just a quick question about audiogalaxy. Does it seem really slow now or is it just my computer? I can barely get any downloads over 1kb/sec.

Or does anyone even use AG anymore?:confused:
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I still get decent speeds on AG!

Although ...other programs have gone super slow...former morpheus is an example.

Cable ops have been capping P2P transfers cause they're anal and want high speed for customers who only surf and check e-mail. :confused:

IRC is still cool, but AG has been fucked up for me lately...just processing shit and not downloading it right away until hours later

Anyone else with this problem?


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Originally posted by Boo
Anyone else with this problem?

Yup. I tried grabbing a track which it said 50 people had, so I figured it'd cue up right away.
Nope...4 hours later it's just started to download now.