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Annie - March 21


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Can't believe I beat zoo to this one :D


Annie's coming back to Toronto to headline a show at the Mod Club March 21st. Doors 8pm, $18.50 at Ticketmaster + the usual spots.
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i've only been on her forum once in 2006, and it was over a week ago

she must've just announced this :p

i knew she would be back touring NA again soon though, she said so on her message board ( yes she posts on her own message board, often, and yes i read her message board :) )

i'll grab tickets soon, i hope this time she plays longer than 35-40 mins tho .. she apparently has new materal to play now (aside from the wedding track)


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i'm glad i didn't buy tickets yet

LOVE IS ALL is performing on the same night at lee's palace

sorry annie, but i've already seen you once

"love is all" are another new favorite of mine, are from sveeden, and have not toured here yet :)
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Annie rocks live. I hear Circle Research is warming things up. They are pretty hype party Djs. Anyone hear Annie's DJ Kicks comp on K7! nice mix.
Norway is off the hook these days. Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, anyone???