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Anne Savage @ Club108


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I'm sure most of you think of Club108 as a cheesy, gino hang-out ... but I never cease to be impressed with both the crowd and DJs for the few times I've been there on a Thursday night.

Manzone & Strong started off with your typical commercial progressive anthems, but from about 12am onwards, they spun an excellent set of hard, techy, and tribal house. I did not recognize a good number of tracks and they really brought up the energy for Anne Savage, who came on around 1-1:15am.

Anne took over with her typical bouncy hard house sounds. She played alot faster and harder than I remember from her set at TURBO. I would probably describe the music as "hard dance" (to borrow a term from the UK), as opposed to that cheesy hoover house. She eventually got trancey around 2am, and I left shortly after ... because I had to work the next morning of course, not because the music started to suck. :)

The club was pretty packed, although the dancefloor itself remained fairly sparse throughout the night. Too many trainspotters perhaps? Nonetheless, everybody who was dancing seemed to be enjoying themselves. Club108 has a decent sound and lighting system (and I have high standards about these things!) ... along with bottle rockets and a confetti cannon as well. Excellent production value courtesy of Benson & Hedges, as usual.

Good times, indeed. Oh yeah, and Anne Savage seemed to be quite sober and coherent behind the decks. What's up with that?! :)
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what a night, I waited in line for an hour place was packed alot of hotties LOL

Anne Savage was great, mixing was right on...music was really good.

resident djs did a fantastic job leading up to Anne's set.

Flipside went on after Anne Savage and was brlliant on the decks playing more techy tracks great job.

I will be back next Thursday how can you go wrong with $3 dollar drinks and sick beats



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I had fun. I did prefer the music before she went on though. Manzone and Strong did a nice job warming things up but personally, I didn't like her set at all. Flippy played some good tunes after Anne was done but didn't get to play long enough.

Overall, a fun night - had a few too many drinks but survived.

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Wish Flippy had played longer too - he was just getting some good stuff going when the lights came on. Oh well next time I suppose. Being the first time I've seen her spin, it was danceable and for the most part I liked it. Oh and she was far from being sober - trust me. She just pulled it off better than usual I think :)

Good setup from Goldclub but then it is a standard you come to expect from their production. It helps having a ton of money to put into the production. Manzone & Strong played some commercial stuff early but then took things into a harder direction just before Anne came on - nice one guys!

Shouts to Flip, Vench, Manzone & Strong - great hanging with you guys as always!

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i heard Anne Savage is a coke head.


not that i really care or anything...jus stirrin' the pot ;)


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Got in to the place at 10 pm. No line up what so ever. The dance floor was absolutely dead. Me and the two girls I was with were the only ones dancing till about midnight when a few more people decided to join in. Manzone and Strong started off kinda slow but got harder towards the end.

Anne Savage was actually good. Although not as hard as what I'm used to hearing from her. I thought her set at Turbo and at Bittersweet was so much harder than the set she played on thursday. I guess she was playing for the more gino crowd than the raver crowd.

Funniest moment of the nite was when one of the girls I was with asked the bartender if those were her real boobs. No. :D

Stayed till the bitterend (3:15) :rolleyes: but there were only about 5 people left dancing in the place. Oh, well it was a thursday night afterall.

OLM from HOM

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Kicked ass ...

What a good night.

108 was rammed as is usual on a Thursday night. Loads of new faces in the crowd probably due to the fact that Anne was there.

Manzone & Strong opened beautifully ... Started off with some better known tracks, then got a lot harder. The half hour before Anne came on, the music was ripping and the tracks were pounding. Anne came on just shortly after one, and she just kept on ripping the beats. She went hard for the first half of her set, then got into a hard trance style. Very good ... different coming from Anne Savage.

Speaking of killed ... I'm pretty sure 75% of the crowd was drunk (or fucked in some other way):D . You can't complain when the drinks are so well priced. Definitely looking forward to the next time 108 brings in a big DJ.

Oh, and good seeing Vench ... although you were in the hip hop room for the most of the night, it was still good seeing you. :D

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Re: Kicked ass ...

Originally posted by OLM from HOM

Oh, and good seeing Vench ... although you were in the hip hop room for the most of the night, it was still good seeing you. :D


hey man - thanks for getting the dj to play all my favorites for me. By the way, were Anne's records heavy?

back at ya.