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Anit-Rave Act Demonstration

Discussion in 'Roll Calls' started by Interchange, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Interchange

    Interchange TRIBE Promoter

    This Anti-RAVE Act demonstration takes place next weekend. It's an important one, get some history here: http://shejay.net/features/articles_legislation-rave-2.htm, then forward to those you know...

    Shejay Crew

    ROAR! The National Dance and Music Rights Alliance
    Demonstration and All-Day Outdoor Event

    Fight Anti-Music Laws With ROAR!
    Saturday, September 6, 2003
    Washington, DC
    Noon - Midnight

    At the U.S. Capitol (Upper Senate Park directly off Constitution Ave between New Jersey NW and Delaware Ave NE)

    The US Government has declared a War on Music. We are the target of busts, arrests, harassment and intimidation, all with the ultimate goal of diminishing our culture and silencing the music we love. The recently passed RAVE Act threatens to scare club owners and promoters into shutting down events nationwide for fear of imprisonment of up to 20 years and/or fines of $500,000. Even harsher laws sit in Congress right now.

    Next weekend, join ROAR! for a demonstration against the assault on music and a festival for our civil liberties. We will display the force and unity of our culture through performances by international artists and speakers from major industry groups and politically influential organizations.

    ROAR has put together the following lineup for FREE!

    The Fabulous Junior Vasquez (Junior Vasquez Music - NYC) will spin at 6PM!
    DJ Craze (Six Time World Champion//The Allies//Cartel - Miami)
    D:Fuse (People:2 (2xCD) Out on System Recordings Now!)
    Jesse Saunders (King Street//Broken Records, Sony Music - Chicago, LA)
    Polywog (Just Say Agency// SisterSF - SF //From the Movie "Groove")Reid Speed (Breakbeat Science//Direct Drive//NYC 2 Step - LA)
    The Zelch Brothers (Twin Prod.//Fused//412Groove.com - Pittsburgh)Apple Rochez (Odds and Ends//Lowdown//Natural Selection - DC)
    Proxxy (Instinctive Grooves//RaversOnly.com//M3 Productions - MD)Implicit (Electrolife - NC)
    With a closing set by DC's own Scott Henry (Ultra Records//Buzzlife - DC)

    Invited Speakers:

    Dennis Kucinich - 2004 Presidential Candidate, US Representative
    Douglas Rushkoff - Author of Ecstasy Club, NYU
    Graham Boyd - ACLU
    Ira Glasser - DPA
    Shawn Heller - SSDP
    Sam "The Man" Burns - DJ Hut, DC House Legend
    Amanda Huie - Buzzlife
    Legba Carrefour - ROAR!
    Keith Haas - 2AM Artist Management


    Located @ the Upper Senate Park directly off Constitution Ave between New Jersey NW and Delaware Ave NE, directly North of the US Capitol Building Washington, DC

    Parking is widely available both in the surrounding area and at Union Station approximately 2 blocks to the North. There are facilities for the offloading and parking of tour buses onsite. Upper Senate Park is closest to the Union Station Metrorail and train lines. The closes DC Metro stops are at Union Station on the Red Line, and Capitol South on the Blue and Orange Lines.

    Tour Buses are being arranged from numerous cities. Please email info@roargroup.org for any bus or general inquiries.

    ROAR! Would like to thank Instinctive Grooves, 2AM Artist Management,DC Life Media, Paranormal Productions, Just Say Agency, System Recordings, Contagious Music, One World Entertainment, Central Entertainment Group, and Buzzlife for their assistance.

    The National Dance and Music Rights Alliance
  2. Interchange

    Interchange TRIBE Promoter

    This is a very scary thing that is happening in the states right now.

    the fact that they just snuck this law thorugh with the child abduction law is pretty fuked.

    It makes me happy to live in canada, and lets hope this never happens here

  3. noodle

    noodle TRIBE Member

    I would love to go and offer my support to the American dance music community...

    I wish them all the best with this event...hopfully they will represent well.

    Unfucking believable...somethings are just so backwards south of the border.

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