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Angel @ GRAVITY 20-12-03


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Well he's done it again! This club was gorgeous! Corner of Ste-Catherine and St-Laurent. Got there a little after 2 and Angel was already dishin out heavy funky tracks. The club wasnt as packed as I thought it would be but there's no doubt in my mind that Stereo has a new competitor. The capacity is around 800 I guess and there was prolly arond 600 there Saturday night.

The club is in the basement of a building. Once past coat check, you end up in the lounge which has leather bean bags every where for seating. To your right, long bar with an entrance to washrooms on each side. Theres only the one washroom to be shared but there was like 25 stalls, so never a line up. Beside the lounge there is a stage that separates it from the dance floor. They had Angel dancers on there which were really cute.
Decent size dance floor, Dj being about 10 feet above it so you can always see him. At the back of the dance floor is an elevated bar area with seating. And all the way at the back there is a cinema room to chill in. They have a lot of lights in there and at the beginning it was kinda annoying since it was entirely too bright for an afterhours. But I think he got the picture around 4 when it got much darker.

Very similar feel to Stereo. Mixed crowd all there to party. The vibe was incredible. Everyone had huge smiles on their faces, jumping and screaming. Angel himself was in fine shape, obviously really happy with the turnout and the crowd. At one point he was throwing these mini disco balls in the crowd. His set was awesome! He came on at 1 but there wasnt really a crowd in there until 3sh. Angel kept the vocally house to a minimum and played mostly harder stuff with fun basslines. At one point he came on and said that we were about to take a trip back in time to remember the tracks that started it all. So he went on for 2 hours playing classic house tracks. Kept saying as long as we were there he was gonna keep spinning. Around 1:15, maybee 50 left in the club, he shut it down. Luckily I was vip, so once everyone was out, he kept spinning for bout 20 people. We had dragged some bean bags on the dance floor and were having our own little after party dancing and chillin in the club. Lots of fun!!!

Now the sound system. Definitely top notch! Angel definitely knows what hes doing. At times he would turn up the bass so loud that the floor was shaking! It was so much fun, you didnt have to move and the floor would make you dance! It was nice to dance in a new space being its limited in Montreal. Was also kinda kewl thinking I was one of the first to ever touch the dance floor. :)

Thanks Angel for the best house night of the year and good luck with the club, I'm sure it's gonne be a success!
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