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Andy Cato - La Luna

Chicago Kid

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Posted this in the House forum a couple weeks ago, but obviously they don't know amazing music in there. ;) Have you guys heard this? I just about busted a nut when I saw that it was officially released last week on Streetwise - obviously, I've already ordered it. Fuck is it taight!


Anybody heard this? It's on the Azuli Miami WMC 06 sampler and I first heard it on Annie Nightingale's show a couple weeks back (he's one half of Groove Armada for those wondering). WOW!

I'm calling this for Ibiza Tune of the Year for this season. Fucking SICK AMAZING UPLIFTING TAIGHT!

Anybody know when it's getting a single release? I'll say it again: HOLY FUCK!

*Edit - it came out last week on Azuli (it had previously only been on the Azuli sampler from WMC 06)
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he used to do stuff as big c, mothers pride, he was beat foundation with mike monday.....half of qattara with alex whitcomb...hes legendary.

hes also about 9 feet tall