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Andy C, Ed Rush + Optical, et al @ Kool Haus

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Tech_Head_Rob, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. Tech_Head_Rob

    Tech_Head_Rob TRIBE Member

    That was a jam! I haven't been such a big, big party in a long time, and it felt good to be with hundreds (thousands?) of like minded people, with everyone there, together, to listen to some top rate drum 'n bass.

    My friend and I got there at about 11 p.m. The club was already busy at that point (though I'm happy to report the line went smoothly). Red One stepped on to the decks and played a mediocre set, though really, the guy was in a tough position: it's early on in the night and there are two headliners ahead of him. He couldn't play any big tunes and had to keep things in check, which can be hard to do for a genre like dnb, which, at times, can be so focused on break neck rhythms and big bassline drops. Hard to play a "subdued" style of dnb, when the form of music is anything but.

    Ed Rush + Optical came on just after 12:00 a.m. By this time the club was full and the crowd amped. Obviously, I'm unsure of the exact number in attendance, but when a venue the size of the Kool Haus--basically a warehouse-size open room with three bars and a stage--is full there has to be a lot of people. One of the MCs estimated that there were 3,000 people there. (My friend thought it was more like 1,000.)

    The crowd was an interesting mix of people types. Lots of party people (do they go out every weekend?) and junglists: guys and girls in hip hop gear with a few skater flourishes (mostly the shoes). For me, it was a bit of trip to see that people still dress in this fashion. But then, I didn't grow up in the Toronto area and wasn't here when dnb was the most popular form of electronic music; obviously that time had a big effect on people, and they still represent to this day. More power to them. The age of the crowd, too, varied. Generally speaking, though, as person in his late 20s, I felt neither young nor old.

    Anyway, Ed Rush + Optical played a set of fast, aggressive d'nb. I recognized many of tunes from this podcast. The energy at the start was crazy. Everyone got right into it, and I was doing all the call-responses with the MC. The thing is, though, that Ed Rush + Optical kept it at that furious energy level throughout their set. I could only keep up for so long, and after half an hour of their set, one dark, fast d'nb tune rolled into another and it all became relatively monotonous. My energy peaked and fell at different times throughout the set, while Ed Rush + Optical just kept smashing pile-driving tunes. By 1:30 a.m., I was ready for a change.

    And that was the time that Andy C stepped up to the decks. The vibe was ratcheted up another level. Not only was the sound noticeably turned up, GQ also got on the mic. The guys is a legend and the mature crowd knew his routines, so that added a level of familiarity and excitement. People were stoked and you could feel the energy in the room.

    Andy C truly is the king of the jungle. The man is a phenomenal DJ and he showed it last night. On three decks, he was able to bring tunes in and out--playing snippets here and there--as well as perform double drops. I love, too, how when he plays rewinds he almost always mixes it up, not just straight playing the tune again, but peppering the original track by overlaying it with another tune. It demonstrates his ability and creativity. Moreover, Andy C played different genres and years of drum 'n bass. There were classics, plus some uplifting High Contrast-style tracks, and lots of high energy, tearing, Sub Focus tunes, too. All in all, a tour de force from the Executioner.

    By 3 a.m. my legs had turned to cement. Andy C was still going strong (having just played "Time Warp" by Sub Focus), but I was just too tired to go on. I'm always sad when I miss Marcus; I bet he played a great set, as usual.

    Overall, I had an awesome time. The promoters had to have been very happy with the success of the party. Goes to show that there's still a great demand for d'nb shows in Toronto. You just have to bring in top DJs from the U.K. to get people out. I'd be interested to hear what people think of this fact. If they agree or disagree. For me, I know that as a twenty-something, I have to pick my spots as to when and where I go out. You'll really only draw me out of my cave when it's a big jam.
  2. T

    T TRIBE Member

    Official count was just over 2000.

    Absolutely incredible night last night, one of the best in recent years.

    Andy C is undisputed. No one can play the way he does.
    At one point he had Taktik's "The Way" (original mix from 93) over a brand new track, with one hand on the pitch, the other in his record bag choosing the next track. Flawless.

    GQ's speech at the end really spoke volumes in terms of what Toronto can still do. Epic Night! Cant wait for teh next one.
  3. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    Nice review Tech Head Rob!
  4. stir-fry

    stir-fry TRIBE Member

    good times.
    what was up with all the smokers unanimously deciding to spark up at 2am on the dot though? made me fucking sick.
  5. ghaleon

    ghaleon TRIBE Member

    Which is curious I thought, since that track is so slow BPM wise? was he manually speeding it up, or just pitched the other tune way down?
  6. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    that's a good point considering you only have 8% either way to work with...
  7. T

    T TRIBE Member

    He has dubs of the old tracks pitched up so they fit with the new stuff.

    Babylon, Renegade Snares, R-Type etc...
  8. mixupmixup

    mixupmixup TRIBE Member

    What a wicked party!! Hadn't been to a big party in a while, vibes were off the hook! Musically I couldn't really ask for more. Everyone smashed it. Andy C is mental, lol. GQ is still the DON!

    It was also crazy fun raving in teh warehouse again! :cool:

    Maximum boooooooost to destiny and tj for throwing this event and big up all the junglist masssive . ..... Toronto gets down!!

  9. Radge1

    Radge1 TRIBE Member

    Andy C on Three Decks

    Andy C digs through his bag looking for a third record to play while his mix rolls on without him. Pure class.

  10. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    what did he say?

    i'll never forget his speech at syrous 6 year when he said toronto had the best rave scene in all of the americas! bo!
  11. mixupmixup

    mixupmixup TRIBE Member

    or when he introduced Mickey Finn @ the Syrous 4 year. :)

    anyhow.. a vid my friend jenn took .. . ..

    haha, big the fuk up all the toronto junglists! :)

  12. mixupmixup

    mixupmixup TRIBE Member

  13. Ninjetta

    Ninjetta TRIBE Member

    I second that. Epic indeed. One of the best times I've had in a looooong time. Took me til Monday afternoon to recover fully :D
  14. Radge1

    Radge1 TRIBE Member

    Busting some moves to DJ Red One, early in the evening when the dance floor still had some room.

  15. T

    T TRIBE Member

    Andy's Intro:
    This is a small part of over an hour of footage i have to be put together later, just wanted to get this bit up for now.

    that crowd pan at 2:00 is fuckin epic


  16. mixupmixup

    mixupmixup TRIBE Member

    thats dope man.. nice one! :eek:
  17. Radge1

    Radge1 TRIBE Member

  18. Crass

    Crass TRIBE Member

    Amazing night! wish it was like this every weekend. :cool:
  19. ashlee

    ashlee TRIBE Member

    A great night for sure :D
  20. Radge1

    Radge1 TRIBE Member

    Projek: ViRam video

    Here are some of the best moments that I captured on video throughout the night of the ViRam crew and the Koolhaus crowd.


  21. ghaleon

    ghaleon TRIBE Member

    sick !!! hah

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