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Android users unite!

Discussion in 'Technology' started by billy, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. billy

    billy TRIBE Member

    i feel i may be one of a few on here using Android OS on their phone, but it has to start somewhere.

    despite a few roadblocks, i am loving my Dream phone. totally linked with Google. the Latitude feature scares me hence why i have it off, but the other GPS based features are kick ass. ever looked up at the sky and wondered what you were looking at?

    Android welcomes a developer world. free apps are plentiful and exciting. your home screen can be exactly what you want it to be.
  2. videotronic

    videotronic TRIBE Member

    are you trying to convince yourself or...?
  3. Kalemic

    Kalemic TRIBE Promoter

    I love my Iphone, but I can't wait until Android is a true contender to it. The HTC hero seems to be the first one thats starting to get close. More competition is fantastic, and truthfully I see myself owning an Android phone as soon as it can keep pace with with the Iphone.
  4. billy

    billy TRIBE Member

    i'm fairly sure HTC Dream and Magic are the only two with android available in Canada at the moment.
  5. Kalemic

    Kalemic TRIBE Promoter

    I didn't say the Hero was out yet.
  6. videotronic

    videotronic TRIBE Member

    "who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?"
  7. AgentSanchez

    AgentSanchez TRIBE Promoter

  8. Dr. Grinch

    Dr. Grinch TRIBE Member

    I nearly bought one at Pacific Mall. Every store has them there.
    I ended up choosing a Samsung Jet instead.
    I have a smartphone in my Blackberry Bold that work foots the bill for, so I didn't necessarily need the Hero.
    Plus my Jet has a waaayyy faster processor.
    If the Hero had similar specs as my Jet I would've picked on up.
    HTC need to put faster CPUs in these things.
  9. Kalemic

    Kalemic TRIBE Promoter

    Wow, I didn't think it was out till October.
  10. videotronic

    videotronic TRIBE Member

    it probably isnt. its Pac Mall. they sell calendars for the year 2014 there too!
  11. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    My friend just installed the Cyanogen ROM with BFS CPU scheduler, he says his HTC is retarded fast now.
  12. atomic

    atomic TRIBE Member

    can the Hero play back Divx/Xvid files?
  13. Kalemic

    Kalemic TRIBE Promoter

    I've heard really good things about that ROM too, would love to see it in action at some point.
  14. billy

    billy TRIBE Member

    is rooting a safe way to go? there is an update i am thinking of installing but would prevent me from ever rooting it.
  15. lobo

    lobo TRIBE Member

    So for those of you with Android phones, have you heard this news yet?

    Google set to offer free turn-by-turn GPS mobile app

    Supposedly, after this announcement was made this week, TomTom and Garmin had a 20% drop in their stock. :) Hopefully they'll bring this over to the iPhone as well.

  16. Eclectic

    Eclectic TRIBE Member

    As soon as the Android can come close to the iPhone with the apps selection and ease of download...I might think about switching.
  17. Flashy_McFlash

    Flashy_McFlash Well-Known TRIBEr

    I think Android has the best chance. Everyone and their mom is making an Android-capable phone and it's even showing up on netbooks and stuff, which gives them a leg up on Symbian (Nokia only) and iPhone OS (iPhone only, though the market penetration is certainly nothing to sneeze at). Windows Mobile may have a shot as well, if they can make a version that doesn't fucking suck.

    The biggest effect of Android is that it's going to massively fuck up Palm.

    Once Android is on a significant number of devices (which could be as soon as this time next year) you'll start to see some neat apps and integration.
  18. Aerius Zension

    Aerius Zension TRIBE Member

    Same here. Google isn't a nazi about their products the way Apple is. More competition in the marketplace makes a better product.
  19. billy

    billy TRIBE Member

    i don't know the stats on total apps available for iphone vs. android, but downloading is a breeze. the whole point of android is that developers can access everything they need to know about the OS to create their apps.

    motorola and LG have android phones out now. android 2.0 is out though not currently available in canada.
  20. Karim

    Karim TRIBE Member

    Yeah, Android is cool, and the potential is incredible.

    The phone OS that has impressed me the most so far is webOS from Palm.

    I had a couple of days with an Android phone and it was ok, but not spectacular.

    I've owned an iPhone 3G since launch day at rogers.

    I've had the Palm Pre and iPhone going simultaneously for the last month or so, and I seem to ALWAYS reach for the Palm when I want to do the tasks I tend to do the most on a smartphone. Which are make calls, send text messages, google searches, wikipedia searches, looking up a business/phone number, etc.

    The universal search function on the phone is the smartest, simplest, BEST feature I have ever used in a phone. I'm just hoping they add Youtube to the search options asap.

    The iPhone is incredible for the apps, but the novelty of most of the apps fades fast, leaving you with a phone that takes multiple taps just to get to your favorites list, too many taps to do a google search, etc.

    webOS too aims to be a bit more of an open platform to developers. I homebrewed and patched the fuck out of my phone to add functionality that was lacking out of the box. Other than the severely lackluster battery life, the Palm Pre has been an absolute joy to use. Now if only it was on the HSPA network....
  21. billy

    billy TRIBE Member

    ...which is a pre-loaded feature with any android/google device. :)

    my roomie has a palm pre. he does nothing with it so i don't much about it's capabilities.

    p.s. - google search is as simple as entering what you are looking for via the home screen on android.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2009
  22. Karim

    Karim TRIBE Member

    Yeah, it's the same on the pre, entering something on the keyboard while at the home screen will allow you to search the following on the pre:

    Google Maps

    Youtube is on the phone as a built in factory application, however to find a youtube video, I need to tap the youtube icon in my program launcher. I wish it was part of the universal search.
  23. d.code

    d.code TRIBE Member

    So how bout that Droid eh? I was talking to a friend who has one in the states and he says its fucking amazing.

    I really want a google phone. Im down with google everything. The Hero isn't getting the best reviews- and from the sounds of it, it is just as sluggish as my storm. The Droid on the other hand sounds amazing- and teh reviews totally have me floored.

    Supposedly Telus got the exclusive on that one?
  24. kuba

    kuba TRIBE Member

    d.code and I are in the same boat - I was very pissed to hear Telus wasn't going to carry the first version of the "google phone" - but hopefully they'll get the droid - and I'm getting on it. I just find the berry to be too limiting in other apps EXCEPT its awesomeness in email / keyboard design.

    I also love everything google does. :0
  25. kuba

    kuba TRIBE Member

    As someone else said - as for apps, I really don't need 99% of the apps on the iphone. Really.

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