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Andrew Weatherall Essential Mix 2002-03-10


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where to post this? ;)

for those who know, weatherall is "good" music. this mix rides the line betweeen techno/house/electro, and falls squarely into a category i would call "progressive". but somehow, none of these labels seem appropriate...

anyway, i'm uploading this set to the tribe ftp server now. it's the second hour -- the first was tom middleton, which i'll send up later. here's a tracklist: (caveat emptor -- this is according to radio 1, notorious for screwing these up!)

Andrew Weatherall
Dot Allison - 'Substance (Felix Da Housecat Remix)' (White Label)
Human League - 'All I Ever Wanted (Alter Ego Remix)' (Klang Electronic)
Johannes Heil - 'Die Formal Der Liese Part 1' (JH)
The Parallax Corporation - 'Fear' (Imperial Piccolo)
The Parallax Corporation - 'Cocadisco 1' (Viewlexx) Lake Soul feat Mathilda - 'Autour de Toi (Didier Sinclair & Chris Pi Remix)' (Sekence)
Mr Clavio - 'Call Me Mr Falcon' (Crème Ornganization)
Vive La Fete - 'Tokyo' (Surprise)
The Pussytive Collective - 'Legowelt' (Stilleben)
Kiki Hott! - 'Hott' (Bpitch Control)
Rue East - 'Diskoid' (Pornflake)
The Parallax Corporation - 'Theme from Cocadisco (Whore of the Floor)' (Viewlexx)


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crappers. ;)

i just read this and i'm half-way through sending the middleton set. oh well....

hey, watcher, if you're reading, eliminate the extra! BTW, i think there are two copies of jori hulkonnen's essential mix up there too...
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Destro Sanchez

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if you like this mix....

...then you will love the Dirty Brown World Tour.

of the tracklisting for that essential mix, five cuts are prime examples of the West Coast Holland Sound.

>>The Pussytive Collective - 'Legowelt' (Stilleben)

>>Mr Clavio - 'Call Me Mr Falcon' (Crème Ornganization)

Mr. Clavio (TLR- the lone ranger) will be DJing at the Dirty Brown show. Mixing up electro, detroit techno, italo, new wave, and everything inbetween!!

Legowelt will be putting on an amazing live PA of electro(disco)

Come check it out!

The Parallax Corporation - 'Fear' (Imperial Piccolo)
The Parallax Corporation - 'Cocadisco 1'

^^^these are also two prime examples of Cocadisco/Electro from Den Haag Holland. If I remember right, Parallax Corp. is I.F. and Intergalactic Gary.

check out the dirty brown thread in this forum for more info...
or try...