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And you thought George Bush was stupid.... fuking hilarious


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Wild youths strip women in streets...

K. MacGregor - The Independant London

Police say theyve arrested 20 members of Zambia's ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy after hundreds of youths stripped women naked in the streets for wearing miniskirts or trousers. The unruly men said they were acting in the name of their new President Levy Mwanawasa and were targeting women wearing mini-skirts or trousers to enforce "official or smart casual dress." Local newspapers yesterday quoted youths as saying they believed the president wanted an end to "suggestive and provocative" or "slut" dressing by women. They were wrong. President Mwanawasa condemned their behaviour as a disgrace and an attempt to deny Zambian women freedom of dress. The incident was expected to further empbarrass Mwanawasa, who had to deal with the rioting of thousands of supporters of Zambian opposition parties. They clamed that Mwanawasa only won the turbulent recent presidential elections thanks to vote rigging. The President, who suffered breain injuries in a car accident, also committed a series of verbal gaffes during the election campaign. His public slips included referring to former president Frederick Chiluba as his "sister" and saying he was as fit as boxer "Tike Myson."