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And in the News today....


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Something to brighten your day.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">

Canadian speed skater Krisy Meyers, wearing an almost transparent suit, waits for the start of her race at the World Sprint Speedskating Championships in Hamar, January 20, 2002. The suits have caused a controversy among the female members of the Canadian speedskating team because of the suit's transparency. REUTERS/Jerry Lampen </font>
Hey...we're not pround...we're going to kick your ass....


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man, that's gotta be distracting when you're nearly horizontal and travelling at high speed on the ice.

i like the tactics we're employing! LOL
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Ditto Much

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Gotta say she does have a nice ass. It made me smile, I think I might have to call her "Happy Butt" from this point forth.

Oh no wait thats already a nick name for someone who lurks around this board