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And for something different...


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Originally posted by Astroboy
how can anyone like that car with this awful door handles.... *puke*
ROB!! That's blasphemy I say!!

I absolutely LOVE this car...door handles and all :)

Not that I will ever have enough cash to own a car or anything!!

>stares longingly at the lovely pictures a bit more<


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Originally posted by lok
the jagged boxy look is so out.

its all about smooth contours
Sure, smoothness reigns supreme right *now*, but sooner or later boxy will be back. I like smooth and I like boxy. I dont really like the new Z as much as in the beginning. It just feels kind of clunky I guess- its the type of car that is looking for a niche. Is it an old mans car? a young mans car? no real defined target unlike the G35- which is mos def the better of the two for me.


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I am really going to have a tough time picking a new car when I decide to get one next. Which will be in the next 6 months I am guessing.

There is SO many good cars to choose from. I really like the 350Z, but the downfall of that is that in order to get the performance version, you have to give up some creature comforts (like leather seating, etc). Also, I am grappling with the idea of a 2 seater car. I had an MR2 before and could live with it, but there were the odd times that I wanted to be able to carry around more than one passenger.

So I am also considering the G35 because it is somewhat like a more practical 350Z. But then again, it is not quite as sporty.

The Mercedes CLK series is really nice and tempting, EXCEPT for the stupid fact that it is an automatic transmission only. If they offered a manual option, I think I would choose that car without a quesiton.

I am also of course considering another BMW, but I like to change things up so that I don't get bored.

And there are lots of others that I want that make it so hard to choose. I really must admit, the selection fo vehicles that is out today is quite impressive (as far as amount of selection goes anyways).

Cheers ... Ian :)


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Originally posted by Evil Dynovac
Soundstream, Audi.
Sorry, forgot to list the new S4. Although mainly because the demand (and therefore markup) will be quite high in the first year of production. I would probably have to pre-order by now anyways to even have a shot at it. The first year that the M3 came out, the waiting list was 13 months when I went and talked to them about it. I needed a car in about a week, so that cancelled my original plans.

Cheers ... Ian :)


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that vantage is hot.

there are two vanquish on my street.. sometimes I play basketball and just stare at them.