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and death


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“They think it’s not happening, the onset is also rather mild to start with, so they start taking more pills because they think that they got lower doses and they end up with more significant overdoses,” B.C.’s provincial health officer, Perry Kendall, said last week in a briefing to reporters.

PMMA is considerably more toxic than MDMA, interfering with serotonin metabolism in the brain and raising the body temperature, which can lead to irreversible brain and organ damage, Mr. Kendall said.


He cautioned there is no such thing as a safe street drug, noting RCMP tests in B.C. over recent years have shown ecstasy is made of a cocktail of chemicals. Other ingredients can include methamphetamine, ketamine, horse tranquilizer, caffeine and talcum powder.

Full story & context here: B.C. coroner investigates another suspected ecstasy-related death - The Globe and Mail

(shakes fist @ talcum powder)

(too soon?)