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Ananda Lewis show: Ecstasy on now - 10:00 am


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It looks like your standard, drugs are bad campaign that was so successful for them the past decade.

They're even qouting that brain scan finding from the CAT scan with the holes in the brains - LEEVIN! Professor Frink.

Should be funny, no?



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Wow, look at all the ginos dancing around shirtless in the clips.
For a second I thought I was at Plastique...BWAAHHHH! Ananda is a pretty big chick, holy shit!



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I thought the show did a good job balancing the risks/benefits to ecstacy consumption and Ananda demonstrated an excellent understanding of the issues. ;)

"You're in denial girl. You're in denial "(ananda to an ecstacy user who claimed that a girl might have OD'd because of a lethal drug cocktail)