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An Introduction to Electronic Music


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Yo yo,

I have a friend who doesn't know much about electronic music. Basically she classifies all of it under the umbrella term of "vampire music". I'm gonna make a cd of choons....what would you put on it? Right now I'm thinking some:

Chemical Bros.

What else would you put on? Your excellent and sarcastic recommendations are welcome!


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ease them into it perhaps. what music do they generally prefer already?

imo cb/fb/orbital are good but could overwhelm them or bias them further if it's not their scene. best to break them in gently with some more fusion- level stuff.

yes even madonna
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Krafty Kuts
The Freestylers (their old stuff)
Freq Nasty

Those three cover the different styles well.
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More house music...like Armand Van Helden, Felix Da Housecat, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, and maybe some filtered disco stuff from Joey Beltram, Angel Alanis, Roger or Junior Sanchez

Chicks and gheys love house! ;)
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In reality it's a good idea to put a range of styles of tracks on there and don't be afraid to put some more commercial, poppy or trancey tracks on if you want to sort of give her a gateway.

Some suggestions:
Adam Freeland,
BassBin Twins
Paul Oakenfold
Ferry Corsten
James Zabiela
Chemical Brothers
Faithless (Insomnia)

why not

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DeepSix said:
What does she listen to normally?
this is the most important question really.

if all i knew about electronic music was Chemical Bros., Fatboy, Orbital, Leftfield, and Massive Attack i probably wouldn't be into it either, but these acts might fit right in to what she listens to for all i know.

if she likes R&B, she'd probably be better off with some soulful NYC house.

if she likes punk rock, throw her some Ed Banger type shit.

if she likes hip-hop, give her some Diplo hipster shit.


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Alva Noto
Raster Norton

.. I kid, that'd probably scare them off of anything electronic
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she like da soca, reggae and dancehall.

I guess i gotta but some jungle on there. DJ Marky!

Thanks for the tips peeps...keep em coming.


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Or just give her mixes from your favourite DJs.

That's kinda how the music is intended to be listened to! Or take her out to a club.

If you're going to make a mixed CD, I would keep on point with tunes that are more "songs" than "tracks", keep a healthy dose of vocals, and most of all, keep it fun all the while trying to appeal to her sense of "what's good".

Are you trying to dispense with or encourage this umbrella concept of "Vampire Music?"


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Stan said:
Battle of the Future Buddhas
I used to love all of those guys. Oh Xenomorph, when I wanted psytrance that sounded like it belonged in a Hell Raiser soundtrack. However, this would not dispel the misconception of Vampire music in any way, shape or form.
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