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American Public Inquiry Into 9/11.

Boss Hog

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In a democracy, the government is supposed to be elected by the people to act in the interest of the people. As we know, we've seen quite the opposite with the Bush administration. So when the government of a "democracy" fails, it's up to the citizens to take control and fill the gaps of what their "elected" government fails to do. Yes, in a democracy, people must acknowledge responsibility for what a government does in their name instead of sitting back and saying "I didn't vote for them".

Since that government is not doing their job (and all things considered, why would they) to investigate 9/11, a gathering of American-based experts are doing a citizens inquiry into what happened on 9/11. It will take the form of a conference over the dates of March 26-28, in San Francisco. You can read about the details of the conference here.

I will be attending in the capacity of my role with the upcoming Canadian inquiry into 9/11, which will differ from what the Americans are doing. Because Canadians died on 9/11 and because our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan in the "War on Terror" we feel it is our duty in Canada to play a significant role in this investigation. It is also a commitment of solidarity to our neighbours south of the border who are just as concerned about the future as we are.

Is there anyone else who is interested in making the trip? I usually travel alone, but don't mind if anyone wants to make the trip together. I think it will be extremely informative and intense, and I welcome any other thinking heads to take the journey with me.


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Eccentric (LRG)

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This is awesome.
Its about time also.
Ellen Mariani will be there.. I'd love to hear what she has to say.
So many INteresting speakers.

You should take one of those little voice recorder things along with you so those of us whom can't be there can still hear the discussions!


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Originally posted by Hi i'm God
Will I get to spoon with an animal other then yourself?


Eccentric (LRG)

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well theres some seriousness...:rolleyes:

Chris, I have a few political nut friends here in kingston.
I'll forward this to them cause I'm sure They'd want to go.
My friend Ryan mostly. He's gone to quite a few rallys now
over 9-11 and the war in Iraq.
This is right up his alley. If it is, Perhaps he'd travel with you?!
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Eccentric (LRG)

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umm whats that supose to mean?
i should hope you don't think my friends could only consist of retards :p.

And No He's not. Hes a very cool guy. Smart, politcal, and funny...def not a tight ass or a retard.