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American hookers form Axis Of Easy

Jeremy Jive

TRIBE Member
Reuters (New York): During a brief and very nippley press conference this morning. The head of the American Hookers Union Local 69, Busty La Boobs, announced the formation of the Axis of Easy. The Axis of Easy brings together the American Hookers Union, the Chicks for Dicks foundation, the Guykea Group.

Busty was accompanied by other prominent porn stars, Tracy Dick and male star Ho Sale. The group explained the reasons for the creation of the new Axis of Easy. Since the 1950's and the creation of the local strip bar, the once promising hooker trade has been steadily declining. The Axis will be reponsible for bringing free sex to every home in America. They vow to lay every man, woman and child from coast to coast. The group promises to make sure that no breast will be left unfondled, no ball should be left unrubbed, and nobody should be left alone and unsatisfied. The slogan for the Axis will be "We're here, we're horny and we now where you live". A small nominal user fee will be applied to every 'job'. For each purchase, the Axis will donate 50 cents to Together with Pleather, which helps provide warm patent leather boots, skirts and hot shorts to all of Americas hard working men and women.

The brief but exciting news conference was concluded by a lengthy and detailed demonstration session with all who attended. It is the words of this writer that I must say, "hot diggity damn I feel better. And it was worth the buck". Keep an eye out for the Axis of Easy as they cum to your town.

jeremy -what is the world cumming too- jive