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AMD vs. Intel


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Ok so I'm getting a new system and there is a packaged bundle that I like that comes with a AMD Athlon 64 3200 CPU. I've owned Intel all of my life and I'm not really up to speed on the whole Intel vs. AMD debate and where it currently stands. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I've read some of the reviews and they have pretty good things to say about this AMD product, has anyone found otherwise?

While I'm at it what would you recommend for a 17 inch LCD monitor?

Ditto Much

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I just switched to an AMD Barton 2500 however first thing I did was clocked up the bus so it works like the 3200 (actually runnint it at (2310 mhz yours would run at 2200). Its a nice enough processor, but its actually on the low budget side of things.

Now I have heard that its not so great at certain video processing tasks. But this girl is for games and surfing and an occasional photoshopping.

I'm not a big fan of lcd's yet to be honest. I have enough deskspace for an old monitor and I preffer the way they feel. What can I say, cd's I liked, lcd I don't. 17 Inch is a good choice though.


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Die hard Intel fan up to about 2-3 years ago.

AMD simply is kicking Intel's ass on the desktop market with pure speed vs cost.

If I was going server, nothing compares to a nice Dual/Quad Xeon p4 server ;)

pr0nstar :D


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How about the difference between the AMD Athlon 64 3000 CPU and the AMD Athlon 64 3200 CPU. There is a $80 charge to upgrade to the 3200 is it worth it?
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The AMD 64 3200+ actually runs at the same clock speed (2.0ghz)as the 3000+. The only difference between the two processors is the 3000+ has half the L2 cache (512kb) as the 3200+ (1024kb). So, for most applications and games, the 3000+ performs just as well as the 3200+.