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Ambient Drum N' Bass suggestions?

Cheap Ego

TRIBE Member
I'm looking for some dnb of the more ambient and mellow variety.
Can anyone give some good selections of well known tracks and/or token artists?

Things along the lines of the Atmospheric Drum n' Bass albums, Metalheadz' Platinum Breaks, etc...or anything really heavy on syths and atmospheric types of effects.

evil homer

TRIBE Member
check out the green man. he runs basswerk records in germany. Some of his stuff is a little harder (damn wire) but some is beautiful synth filled atmospheric (yellow dawn). He has an LP out on combination records.

Also check the Blame mix cd from progression sessions (maybe number 2, i'm not sure) And the older 'Higher Ground' cd's if you cantrack one down. Number 2 (and maybe 1 too) were mixed by Fabio, showcasing that mellow sound from jazzy and funky to the trippier end of the scale.

Dr. Grinch

TRIBE Member
Aphex Twin

There's some wicked tracks on Drukqs, I care because you do, The RDJ Album and some of the Cuatic Window albums.
I'd list tracks but I'm sick and my head isn't working, it's simply full of boogers.. =\


TRIBE Member
anything from the Good Looking Records crew.....creative source also has some nice cuts.

always a treat.

Cheap Ego

TRIBE Member
many thanks for all the suggestions. I will be checking them all out.

Grinch: do those Aphex tracks sound anything like his Select Ambient Works discs? I reaaaally enjoy those :)

Anyone remember a particularily spacey dnb artist circa 1997/1998, don't remember the track name, but I'll post a clip on here, hopefully sooner than later - I could have sworn I rembember it being Astral Vibes, but can't find anything by that name.. it was some kind of a space techy name though :confused:
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TRIBE Member
good looking records
looking good records
nexus records
720 recordings

anything to do with LTJ Bukem, basically.


TRIBE Member
720 and nexxus have next to nothing to do with ltj bukem...they're like independant entities.

bukem (especially the direction he's been going in lately) would never think to release half the stuff that comes out on 720.

other good ones are:

ascendant grooves

other artists are:

spring heel jack
some amon tobin
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Uncle Bobby

TRIBE Promoter
I agree with the above, check out anything Good Looking ie "Logical Progression" or the "Points In Time" series. Lots of hidden gems on various Moving Shadow releases and Omni Trio double packs Volumes 1-5.

I have a personal liking for Amon Tobin also.

Cheap Ego

TRIBE Member
thanks for everyone's suggestions, my AG will be burned out by the end of the week.

I found the track I was looking for earlier: Boomerang - A C I D
It's probably my favourite dnb track ever :) so any recommendations that come close to this are just stellar!