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Amazing 'Jerry the Cat' @ hard+soul


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Jerry the Cat - Detroit/ Dark River Collective[SIZE]
@ hard+soul on Apr.7th


Electronic music producer Jerry the Cat (Jerrald James) was born in
>Detroit, Michigan, USA, in 1950. He is also a percussionist and DJ,
>noted for his rhythmic feel and smooth mixing skills.
> Jerry has worked with a wide variety of percussive instruments, and
>gained particular recognition for his skill with congas. He has
>played with many bands, musicians, and producers. His range of
>experience includes several music categories: jazz, fusion, rhythm &
>blues, funk, gospel, blues, rock, disco, theatrical, classical, and
>experimental. He has appeared with Parliament/Funkadelic, toured
>with disco group CJ & Company (‘Devil’s Gun’), and recorded live
>with gospel great James Cleveland.
> Electronic dance music captured Jerry’s interest in 1985, having
>been introduced to the gender by Sharrod Ingram at Buy-Rite Records,
>Detroit’s first underground record shop. There, and at the Music
>Institute (Detroit’s legendary underground dance club) he met and
>witnessed many talented Detroit DJs, including Juan Atkins, Kevin
>Saunderson, Derrick May, Alton Miller, and Terrence Parker.
> In 1988, Jerry began playing congas to accompany DJs Overdose and
>Claude Young at the Music Institute II. Thereafter, accompanying
>DJs with percussion became his specialized expertise. On Christmas
>Day, 1989, he gained wide spread recognition performing with Carl
>Craig’s BFC at the Majestic Theater in Detroit. He later recorded
>with Carl, and was featured in a remix of Kenny Larkin’s ‘Sarena X’.
> In 1990, Jerry acquired DJ equipment and developed smooth mixing
>skills very quickly. In 1991 he began hosting a radio show in
>Windsor, Ontario, Canada on CJAM, 91.5 FM. He featured an eclectic
>mix of electronic music, dub, and jazz.
> In 1992, Jerry, with three partners, opened the Skyloft Gallery in
>Detroit, an underground cultural center, noted for its experimental
>art exhibits, poetry readings, musical/theatrical performances, and
>state-of-the-art dance parties. DJs on the bills for these parties
>included Jerry, business partner DJ Minx, Blake Baxter, Moodyman
>(Kenny Dixon Jr.), Derrick Carter, Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Claude
>Young, Terrence Parker, Agent X (Mike Clark), Rick Wilhite, and many
> Through 1995, Jerry performed regularly as a percussionist with DJ
>Munk (Alvin Hill), backing many poets and free style rappers at the
>Poureè Me Café in Detroit. In 1996, at Café Mahogany of Detroit, he
>combined his skills as DJ and percussionist to accompany poets with
>acid jazz, trip hop, drum & bass, etc.
> In late 1996 Jerry became resident DJ at the newly opened Amsterdam
>Lounge in Windsor, Ontario, where he developed a loyal following.
>He was especially noted for accompanying himself on percussion while
>mixing house and eclectic music. This proved to be a combination
>which generated infectious excitement in an intimate environment,
>and created an atmosphere that attracted many talented DJs and
>musicians. Patrons were drawn from Windsor, Detroit, Toronto,
>Chicago, New York, and Montreal, making the Amsterdam Lounge one of
>the most respected dance venues in the area.
> Noted as a uniquely skilled studio percussionist, Jerry has been
>recorded and sampled frequently in electronic and underground music.
> He has performed on projects for L.A. Williams, Kenny Dixon Jr.,
>Theo Parrish, Scott Grooves, Derrick May, Gary Miller, and many
> In 1998, Jerry established himself as a well qualified producer with
>his first release, ‘Mating Ritual’, on Soirée Records of Detroit. A
>hot percussive samba, it included remixes by Theo Parrish and DJ
>Minx. His tracks are rich in detail and deep in originality. His
>upcoming releases on 75 House Street Records have drawn praise from
>industry professionals including Patrick Vidal, Ciudad Feliz, Pépé
>Bradock, Rick Wilhite, Jeff K, and Scott Grooves.
> Jerry’s association with Soirée Records and it’s founder, Derrick
>Thompson (DJ Drivetrain), led to performances in Paris, France at
>the What’s Up Bar. This was followed by engagements at the Gibus,
>the Man Ray, Follies Pigalle, and Café Oz’s ‘Harlem Hotel’ parties.
>He also appeared in Nice, Nancy, Toulouse, Tours, and Rennes.
>Outside of France he performed in Ajaccio and Porto-Vecchio of
>Corse, Liege of Belgium, and Singapore.
> Other notable appearances include the Winter Music Conference in
>Miami Beach, Florida where in March 1999, Jerry accompanied L.A.
>Williams, Roger Sanchez, Little Louis Vega, DJ Pierre, Scott
>Grooves, Kevin Saunderson, and Carl Craig on percussion at various
>parties. In 2000 he played at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival
>with Agent X (Mike Clark) and Alan Ester.
> On December 31, 2000, the New Years Eve of the millennium, Jerry and
>partners opened the Velvet Room, an intimate dance lounge in
>Windsor, Ontario. Noted for it’s elegance and warmth, the venue
>drew immediate attention and support, winning the ‘Best New Business
>of the Year’ award from Biz X magazine, a respected local business
>publication. Together with the neighboring Amsterdam Lounge, the
>Velvet Room is at the heart of a Windsor electronic dance district
>which has quickly impacted the Windsor/Detroit electronic dance
>scene in a very positive way.
> In late 2000, Jerry formed the Dark River Collective, a much
>acclaimed music production group comprised of musicians, singers,
>poets, and electronic music producers. Following frequent
>appearances at the Velvet Room, the group appeared three times at
>the 2001 Winter Music Conference, creating quite a buzz. An
>expanded version of the group later appeared on the main stage at
>the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and again at the Capital
>Theater in Windsor. A virtual fountain of creativity, the Dark
>River Collective is meaningful art in music, crossing electronic and
>acoustic concepts with visual and verbal forms of expression.
> In December 2001, Jerry returned to Paris, appearing at the Rex with
>Carl Craig, Jeff K, Ciudad Feliz, Didier Allyn, and I-Cube. He also
>performed with Robert Owens at the Global and Roch Dadier at the
>Batofar. On February 2, he returns to the Rex to accompany Charles
>Schilling. He returns to Windsor on February 6 to open a record
>shop, Cat’s Den.
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