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AMAZING DEAL - House Apartment @ Bathurst/College $900!


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I'm posting this message for my landlord:

Awesome Apartment available in a Victorian home available asap.

It's located near College between Spadina/Bathurst...

Huge living room and dining room with over 10 foot ceilings...

Completely renovated kitchen with all new wood floors, sink, grange top stove.

Renovated bedroom on main floor with two big windows.

Unfinished long basement with new washroom, laundry, and 3 working fireplaces with old style brick (nice touch).

All this for only $900 plus utilities...


Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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additional info...

Oh yeah, there's also:

-central air
-nice backyard
-parking in front of the house
-chill neighbours upstairs (my roomies & me)


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rooms & contact info

The place has 1 bedroom on the main floor and plenty o' room in the basement to make another one.

If u'r interested, email me at:


or PM me.
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place is still available

The house apartment is still available.

You can come by today and tomorrow between 4-7pm. Please let me know in advance. Thanks,