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Altitude LIVE in the purple room, waterloo

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ethnik, Feb 10, 2002.

  1. ethnik

    ethnik TRIBE Member


    i always look forward to SPEED nights at the REV, Chad always brings in quality talent with a healthy dose of different sounds for the k/w massive.

    It was my first time hearing Altitude's live PA, and all i have to say is WORD! beautiful, deep, dubby, steppy as hell beats that had me goin off the entire night on the dance floor.

    CB provided a tasty warm-up set, brother was on fire for the last 30 minutes. Terrence Kissner provided the close, and just kept it going from the momemtum that Altitude built.

    All in all, this was the best SPEED night EVER in the purple room. And to make it even better, it wasn't rammed and hot as a sauna in there, there was a comfortable amount of room to dance. Nice.

    i didn't see too many k/w tribers in attendance, nor did i see too many purple room regulars. too bad, cause you missed the night of the year so far!




    I want to believe you, but I just can't.
  3. discodancer_j

    discodancer_j TRIBE Member

    the k/w scene is starting to look good at the Rev>>>
    a non-smoking venue that's huge!!!

    i'm hoping to get a huge crew together for Paranoid Jack on the 23rd...

    you game?

  4. ethnik

    ethnik TRIBE Member


    originally posted by NMAC

    "I want to believe you, but I just can't"

    i should have specified the best night for me this year. i haven't had that much fun in a long, LONG time. the crowd, at least those who understood what the live PA was, were shakin their asses all night long. it's too bad more people didn't come out to appreciate it. respect to the crew on the dance floor who represented all night laong with yours truly

    DiscoDancer J - Hell YEAH i'm in for pjack! he is a k/w fav, the purple room will be rammed for this one, should be good times.
    see ya all down there...




    see now Im pissed that I didn't go. Oh well, I'll be there for PJ for sure.
  6. Cri

    Cri TRIBE Member

    I was at The Rev last night [​IMG] I had a pretty good time although I wasn't in the Purple room for nearly the amount of time I usually spend in there.

    I did however, get to dance on one of the platforms in the main room with the lights on me [​IMG] Great fun! [​IMG]

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