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Altitude - Drag Chute (House)

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by altitude604, May 4, 2010.

  1. altitude604

    altitude604 TRIBE Member

    Altitude - Drag Chute

    1. Dirty Culture - No Matter House (Karol XVII & MB Valence Rmx)
    2. DBN - Jack Is Back (Original Mix)
    3. Andres Ceballos & David Velez - Midnight (Original Mix)
    4. Belocca Soneec & Chris Lauer - Plastic Crock
    5. Yeniloca - Parisienne (Chris Kaeser Remix)
    6. Tropical Highlight - Sunrise
    7. Steve Lawler - Distrait (Nick Curly & Gorge Remix)
    8. Peter Gelderblom - Lost (David Penn Remix)
    9. Monkz - Lifetime (Dlectro Remix)
    10. Funkerman - Speed Up (Patric La Funk Remix)
    11. Adam Freeland - Under Control (Miles Dyson Remix)

    1:01:13 / 256kbps MP3 / 123bpm technics1200


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