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Alternatives to Morpheus?

poker face

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Is there any other better file sharing software programs out there?

Someone was telling me about one on the weekend but I forgot the name of it.


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Actually it was the other way around, Morpheus was running on Kazaa's servers. Now Morpheus has left those servers and is doing their thing using gnutella, which is ass. Kazaa still works, not as huge as before but once former morpheus users realize what's going on and switch to Kazaa it'll be all back to normal.
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kazaa has no one on their servers whenever i connect, so its always a 0 gb available. wtf?

soulsee k is good
direct connect is kinda snobby in the way some hubs kick you out if you dont have 30gbs of stuff to share with them.
i want something with a good search function, as soulseek's search function isnt the greatest :(
and audio galaxy is showing lots of red x's for search results lately, specially with mainstream older people stuff, which sucks when i make cds for my dad.

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Adam Duke

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I can never find anything on soulseek...
tell that to the 5 gigs of new .mp3's on my computer.

And i have audio to record dammit! now I have to burn all that stuff to CD! .....or maybe I'll just buy a new hard drive...



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yes but unless its a channel that does the dcc sends and not those confusing ftp chat things, its crap.

and even then you have to go search for the specific genre channels and not have a full search of everything possibly available.

morpheus i need you!!