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altered states ???


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I have two mp3 sets labled:

altered states - minimal techno mix
altered states - minimal dub mix

the minimal tech mix is absotutley sick and is by far one of my favorite minimal mixes. however, i have no clue where i got these sets nor have i ever heard of 'altered states'. I did a search on slsk in my quest to find out more but all that i came up with was:
dr. smoke & muerto_live @ altered state - madrid (19.03.01)

i just checked the file info on the minimal tech mix and this was written in the comment box:
Ester Brinkmann - Privileg (Supposé 170)
Reinhard Voigt - Robson Ponte (Kompakt 09)
T.Raumschmiere - Bolzplatz (Kompakt 21)
Styro 2000 - Untitled (Bruchstücke 01)
Stewart Walker - Slowness (Force Inc 1-031)
Canson - Anders Musik Amar (Stattmusik 04)
Drastic - Sequence Of An Limit Moment (Salo 05)
Eight Miles High - Chamber Musik (Klang Elektronik 042)
Farben Says - So Much Love (Klang Elektronik CD 7)

does anyone have any more info for me?


p.s. if anyone wants the sets, let me know.
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