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Alright, I have to tell someone

I love how lok mixes the term of endearment "sunnykins" with the girth of the word "endowment".

A masterpiece I tells ya.

How anyone says no to having sex with you is a mystery to me.


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^^^i knew before you :p

congrats agian sunny, you didnt stop smiling after you got out of the office so i knew it had to have been mega good. :)

and *ahem* who helped get you cheap tixs to new york?? *cough*cough* ;)

N30-p[l]a+0 <--still searching for SIN card but found library book. one yay!

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nah, i've calmed down now. besides, you wouldn't want me to "bring it" because if i did "bring it" then you would be eating catfish in muskoka.

anyone smell the paint fumes?


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i like catfish.

once we caught a baby catfish in a lake and kept it as a pet.

it died after about 3 weeks :(




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Well, my streak ended because I lost my cd player just now. I think I left it in the cab (yes, I took a cab cuz I was feeling special)...

I called and they said they don't have it..
Apparently, I left my jacket in the street too but my friend got it for me and is holding it for me.

I have to be up in 4 hours for a meeting... WHOOT!


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Originally posted by torontobarfly
cabs never have your stuff....whether it's a thousand dollar bill or a ticking bomb.....they don't have it....
Cabs don't but the driver does


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Originally posted by diego
Cabs don't but the driver does
cabs are like moving bermuda triangles.....if you leave it it's gone...i've donated more stuff to cabies than to the good will...

i've left items in cabs and hotel rooms all over north america and mexico....when i call, it's never there....never....

maybe those rednecks that keep anything of value on the end of a chain have it all figured out after all :D