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Almost new, mint condition iPhone 5 64GB Unlocked! - $650

DJ Doublecross

TRIBE Member
I just upgraded to the 5s so I'm selling my old iPhone 5. The good news for you is it's only a couple weeks old! My original phone developed a problem with the touch-screen so Apple replaced the whole phone for free about two weeks ago. So this phone is almost brand new, in absolutely 100% mint condition, and the battery is as fresh as it's ever going to be. The 90-day warranty is still good until mid-December should you have any problems.

This phone is fully unlocked, it was purchased directly from the Apple store and has never been locked to a carrier. You can put any SIM card you want in it.

Comes with the original box, headphones and charger, all of which are untouched and still in the plastic wrap! So this is as close to a new phone as you are going to get.

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