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Allright all you Old Schoolers I need your help...

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Originally posted by sauce
I think the whole issue with you being a fucking idiot is that this was not the place for that. Do you honestly think that Chris (not that i know him on a personal level or anyhting) did not feel bad about what happened? This was 6 years ago and i know for a fact that 6 years ago he posted on this subject. He did feel bad and i'm sure if you go through the hulla archives you will see that he did not just writye it off. However this is not the thread to be debating this in. If you have a problem with him as a person start a new thread. Better yet do it on the hulla board and let this thread be about remembering the good times. The times of parties that have come and gone, the time of great memories. Nobody has a life full fo good memories but why bring up negativity in a place (this thread) that is supposed to be positive?

You come off looking like a whinny little shit that keeps posting the same thing. Do you just want someone to agree with you? Is that what your looking for? Maybe in another thread you may get that ( i doubt it but hey).

Are you using clip board to cut and paste your posts because thay all seem to say the same thing in the same words?



Lets get back to the topic at hand.

I was waiting for your be all end all final word on the subject.
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^^^ ganja smile!! :)

could everyone put their rave dicks back in their pants now please and chill the fuck out? Unique, no offence man but you're being completely irrational. You're smearing Hulla's name out of spite at this point and its not a pretty thing.


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Originally posted by unique2100
I was waiting for your be all end all final word on the subject.

Dude.. Shut the fuck up already. It was six years ago. The issue has been discussed unendingly by the government, by the media and by the rave scene. It's old news, and you're wrong. really.. Get a life, loser.
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