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Allie's House??!!!!???


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and a big thanks wojtek for allowing us to use his head as a discoball. it really added to the atmosphere of the dance area.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by JayIsBored:
and a big thanks wojtek for allowing us to use his head as a discoball. it really added to the atmosphere of the dance area.</font>
I say from the amount of people touching it last night, he shuold have a couple hectares of zits by now.



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Jesus the pain. I didn't bring anything to drink with me because i didn't want to end up like this. I consumed two freaking bottles of wine and some champagne and some beer. ugh... I am a lightweight and i know it.

It was the first time I had been to a party since mistletoe madness. The two were comparable but I think madness defends its championship stamp of approval by just a bit.

As for people getting action last night there were many locked bedroom and bathroom doors with more than one person inside. Don't worry though for those I saw I will not tell. There were also some interesting smells coming out of these rooms after too. most interesting quote of the night "my ass smells much better than i feel right now" (sketch corner around 12:30 this afternoon).

It is not a good idea to break it off with someone the day of new years then go out and get really smashed. This was not my case but a friends. Well I had met her a few times before but last night i really got the chance to get to know her better. And after the flirting and "seducing"
I just wanted to give her a big hug and tell her everything would be okay. I hope today, now that the alcohol has run dry, and your liver is asking why, you don't regret our talks and short excursions. I will not say anymore about this.

And to the person I talked to for over half the night. The one with the b\f. I am still bewildered about how i did not get beaten into a bloody pulp after hitting on you again and again in front of your b\f. I didn't understand parts though, maybe it was the mixed signals, why was your arm around me and not him when he was sitting next to you? Like I said then and like I think now "I do not mind" but how can he be okay with that? He must have a ton of trust. And yes he must know you are a big TEASE with good intentions.
And did you notice that our handshakes ended when I went to sleep with a big hug? Highlight of the night for me. We past the formality part of getting to know each other and for that I am happy.

Sleeping in the basement, oh my, where was the heat? I ended up getting my jacket and wore my "took" (don't know how to spell that word, you know, the winter hat you wear when it is cold?) for warmth. I wanted to get it sooner but people kept coming in and I was afraid of losing my spot on the bed. I had a strange dream that I kept farting and when I woke up from it the people next to me were leaving. Imagine that. I stunk the people next to me out of the room
When I went to sleep at six the walls in the basement shook from the bass. When did the music die down? I woke again at noon to find 10 people still up, sketching on the coutches, amy sleeping huddled close together for warmth. After French Disco Girl left I gave Amy the blanket. She relaxed her body, and she was asleep, what a sight. I woke up and ate cookies. When I was going to sleep I ate cookies. Before I left I ate turtles. Chocolate and chocolate and wine and champagne and beer. My stomach was not happy about this. "I am sorry stomach can we be friends again? I promise to eat better. can't you tell by the carrots with dipped babaganush on them? How about the salmon I just ate? I am sorry."

Scored a ride home with Jay(rev) thanks buddy. I can't believe you and Malia drank rev to help with the hangover before the ride home? Riding in the car with Sunny with styled his took (still haven't learnt how to spell that word) I think mine is cooler. And mine was only 9.95
Thanks a lot for the gift my friend it was a great conversation ice breaker and I'm really looking forward to reading it.

Heather and Malia lets date. It's been far too long. Joey you are my dj hero. I'll be your slut manager. Please do the p.e.p. dance for me again

Alright i'm not going to mention everyone there last night that meant something to me because that would take all night. But wait one more mention. Dora it was fun hitting on your bf and watching him squirm. He proably thinks I'm gay

And last, Allie, you sweetie, you looked georgeous this morning. I am surprised. I wish I could say the same for myself. You were too professional last night. Remembering you at mistletoe madness as your drink swerved left and right. spill a little here, spill a little there, drink. Thank you very much for another fine hazy memory that my head is throbbing over (who put the cement in my head?) and my stomach is growling over (you bastards why didn't you feed me better?). I am much obliged.

jus me

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What can I say...Best New Year's EVER!!!

Everything has been said already. Much thanks to Allie, Tina, Timmy, and those who put everything together.

Nice to meet some new faces and actually TALK! (for once) Hee. You know who you are!

Gotta finish my roll and develop my film. Yes, I'm old school. I don't have a digital camera. So what.

What a great way to start off 2002!!!

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by echootje:

DJ's rocked, and for the record sock-dancing is a totally wierd thing so I had to remove my socks! Barefoot massive!

I love you all! happy new year! extra special thanks to Ange who made it the best NYE ever!


Awh, my lil granola boy.
I had the best time with you too!
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oh what fun was had last night. from the beginning of the party where i tried to take a nap in the e room and woke up and almost freaked out, to the end where i was dancing to jungle!? great to see everyone out, and i do mean EVERYONE. i can't say enough about the dj's, from che's sweet sweet progressive grooves, to derek's and rich's harder stuff to dj soma's epic trance (fist pumping massive!!!!), to miyagi's fun-kaayyyyyyy breaks to dj zen's (drew?) awesome dnb/jungle set.


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for some reason i have to split this in multiple posts, so here goes. thanks to:

dj doublecross, for my new appreciation of dnb/jungle, and for teaching me how to dance to it. hye, for coming out and being soooooo much fun all night long, you are the best
kife, my sketchy partner in crime for the evening, that was too fun man, damn that shit tastes horrible! echo, for being the lone non cracked out person and teaching me how to flail my elbows proper! mofo, for being an ass and licking my ear again! brandon and jess, god i missed you guys so much, it was fantastic to see you again....me and you brando, turbo dancing styles with a little system kick stepping and fist pumping....jess, so adorable when she's trashed
sunkist, jack it down a thousand, would ya?
echootje and jus me, great fun as usual, i'm very happy for you two
and rob, you've got it all wrong, it's all about the sock feet massive!!!! jeffsus, great to finally meet the one and only, i forgot to ask you about anal nitrates though!


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part two:

postmod, for the interesting conversation on the couch that i have no recollection of
thanks for the gum, some gum is better than none at all

jib and joey, too much fun you guys are, even though i barely saw you joey for half the night. although jay was busting it up on the dancefloor, glowsticks and all
cheer bear, too cute! i promise i'll give back the remote control batteries
at-at, your head was so fresh and so clean, 4eel! otis, great to talk with you again, check ur hotmail pls! mr tall, i DO see you everywhere now
sorry i wasn't so chatty at the end of the night, was just so exhausted. FDG, lovely to see you again, and you have 10 times as much style as me!
mr. furious, as always a pleasure, but damn your shirt was tripping me out! tina, should've worn the boob shirt!
didn't get to see you for most of the night, but thank you for such a fun time!
allie, the gracious host, thank you for iniviting me to your fabulous nye party. i was only more than happy to help you out with stuff in the daytime. to anyone whom i've missed, i apologize as i just can't possibly remember everything that happened last night, but it was great seeing you all.

hope to see you all soon in the new year

French Disco Girl

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by dj_jake_the_snake:
I hope today, now that the alcohol has run dry, and your liver is asking why, you don't regret our talks and short excursions. I will not say anymore about this.</font>
not at all. our chill session on the couch and your amazing ability to jus sit and listen was probably one of the greatest highlights of my night. thank you so much for not tellin me to shut tha hell up as i rambled on. you are an amazing guy brian - it was soo good to see you again

ouch .. my head hurts

nice to meet you caroline - you are such an amazing girl
you too stacey, tina and lori (even tho we've met a gazillion times already)! you girls are awesome

will, you are the bestest friend i could ask for
thank you for everything.

wojtek ... you are awful. damn you for lookin so fine - and i dont ever recall trying to get a bedroom for any reason, the couch did me jus fine, or the stairs, or the chairs ...

thank you allie for the gift, i hope you enjoy yours - and for being such a wonderful and collective host. i love you to pieces.

and to everyone else - thanks for being such great, caring friends
i appreciate all the talks and hugs i got last night from all of you.
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Nice to finally meet some tribers, I just wish I could have been there earlier to meet more heads. Still, the sketchiness of the early morning crowd was exactly what I was looking for at the point in my nye travels. Everyone I talked to was cool and friendly, which is saying a lot considering I didn't really know anyone walking into the place at 5am.

thanks to Allie (who is even cuter in person than her pictures suggest) for hosting the party and having it just a couple of blocks from where I was staying.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MoFo:

Tonedeff was really cute. And flirty. What was with that, man?

I have an affliction. A flirting affliction.

Nice meeting you MoFo


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Brian, you came onto John? Are you crazy? You probably traumatized him. And my hat didn't cost me a thing. And it smells good unlike your sweaty mess.
And did you like the look I gave you when you told me about the girl with the b/f?
Me: "Yah, she's a really good friend of mine." [giving you cut-eye] "and so is her boyfriend." I would've killed you.

Yah, enjoy the gift, man. There's some really awesome lines in it.

Tondeff: so you ADMIT that you were flirting with me! See you soon in New York. There's no escaping me now.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MoFo:
And did you like the look I gave you when you told me about the girl with the b/f?
Me: "Yah, she's a really good friend of mine." [giving you cut-eye] "and so is her boyfriend." I would've killed you.

LOL. So I'm allowed to ruin their relationship but you're not. HAHA!

Temper Tantrum

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This night reminded me about all the reasons I first fell in love with the electronic music scene. The special intimacy of friendships that can be kindled, the conversations that stretch long into the night, the hard pounding bass of a DJ with a small knit crew of people dancing their asses off...

Tina and I had a blast throwing this party, and the house has not quite recovered, major props to everyone that stayed behind to help clean up (JayIsBored gets the most props, the setup/cleanup work this guy did OWNED)

Holy amazing music batman! I was honoured to have such fucking incredible DJ's spinning for the house party, as one person put it 'man you could have charged for a lineup like this' Big Props to all who spun: Beaker, Doublecross (aka DJ Soma YO, thanks for my morning trance rob
) ), DJ Cracky (aka Dlerium88
) , Che, OTIS+AT-AT, Orange Richie and Alchemy, Drew....and I know there were more DJ's in there :) Especially loved all the TRANCE that was being played. DJ Soma, will you marry me?
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Temper Tantrum

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And now the shoutouts that helped make such a fucking memorable party

Tina - My partner in crime, the little devil on my shoulder to push me on, the sketchy crew, thailand say WHAT? This never would have happened without you. Thank you for being the one person I can tell anything and everything too...and for being so fucking wicked. Your decoration skills are top o' the line!

Ritika - You took care of all the under the table aspects of this evenings festivities. Hope you got home okay you cracky girl, I love you to death, and thanks for being you

JIB/Joey- Setup crew, Toys R Us, harveys...freddy got fingered? It was a fun three days guys. Jay especially thanks so much for being so wicked with driving our asses around, cleaning up etc. etc.

Kyle - Will you marry me too? Great talks my boy. I'm in love with your mind, you crazy philosopher historian gonna save the world. Now if only we could change how you meet those girls

Storage room fun.....

Lil Timmy - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You saved the night a million times by being the ONLY one capable of getting people home when they were a) puking b) stranded. You warm my heart

Allison + Timo - Didn't hang out with you kids nearly enough, but you always put a bright smile on my face.

Beaker - Mat, without your turntables the party never would have gotten off the ground. Great set, great pizza and great times

Mr. Tall - You are officially the coolest guy in the world graham. I'm holding you to drinks later this week!

DJ Doublecross- BED HOG!! You and Tina took up so much room I was practically on the floor. Thanks for the fun times

Basic and mcbee - My favourite couple in the world, only wish you could have stayed longer.

Greg - mmmmm lots of fun. lots and lots of fun
Thank you for the good talks. (Though mother of god do you EVER let anyone sleep? You did that after the christmas party too 'Allie it's 10 AM don't sleep. Alllliiie. *whine* *poke*')

Mboy- Heya sweetie
you left some shit here. Where were you for so many parts of the night?

Under18- wicked to meet you, your absolutely stunning and a sweetheart to boot.

Sum up last night: 3 pukers, 10 pass outs, 2 flooded toilets, 1 tampon emergency, 1 advil emergency , tons of incriminating pictures, lots of great music, the best people in the UNIVERSE and one hell of a party.

Too anyone I forgot, I'm sorry, but I haven't been to bed yet and I'm tired as hell.

Myself, TrueBlue, and space cadette are in front of the TV eating pizza and chillaxing. not moving for a few hours. Yeah post party-crew. our new years will be officially over tomorrow!

Here to 2002 being as good as 2001.


Subsonic Chronic

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I can't really comment on any of the alleged drama and whatnot since I was only there for a bit, but I did have a really good time while I was there. An ideal night would have been to take everyone at Allie's and bring them with me to Resistors.

Alas... I had to make a tough decision, and the sweet psychedelic sounds are still ringing in my ears so I think I made the right one.

A couple of us (Kevin, & Peter) stopped by after Resistors but we were in a totally different zone and coudln't handle the madness that was Allie's, so we booted off to hang out somewhere more chilled and familiar to us.

But I had a wonderful time while I was there and wished that I could have seen the rest of the crew that didn't arrive until after we had left.

Great party Allie & Tina.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by AT-AT:
I missed Pete, Cri and MalGlo too... Pete was at Resisitor, Cri and Dave - I imagine they were behind the closed doors no.2... Happy New Year bitches!
ha ha
luv ya too

I had tons o fun..despite the fact that I was SO exhausted!!

Tanx Allie and Tina

PS: The decorations looked great!


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Nice party!

I can't believe how many of you I actually know. How come TrancaHoliC was'nt there?

Thanx for the hospitality Allie and Tina.

All the best to everyone in 2002.


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who witnessed the balloon fight in the *E* room. That was hilarious, things got a little out of hand with people throwing balloons at each other, then my friend Ben started popping all of them
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by fleaflo:
Nice party!

I can't believe how many of you I actually know. How come TrancaHoliC was'nt there?

Thanx for the hospitality Allie and Tina.

All the best to everyone in 2002.
I can't believe I didn't see you there

Oh well, I did get to hang out with some really great people anyway. Sorry to all the people I introduced myself to 3 or 4 times over the course of the night--I promise to remember you next time I see you.

Allie: the balloon room was so much fun and a welcome antidote to the craziness upstairs; thanks for taking the time to give me a sneak peek

Under18: Thanks for paying me that sweet compliment--it made me feel special.

Livingroompornstar: Thanks for letting me sit on your lap when there was nowhere else to go--you are so cozy.

Hal9000: Nice to really get to talk a bit--hope we can get together soon.

And to everyone I flashed my New Year's panties to: hope you enjoyed it!

And thank you to everyone who made my friends Christina and Joe feel so welcome--they had a great time too!


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Wow! What a brilliant party with so many genuinely good people! All I can say is that I had an amazing time, and staying in on NYE instead of going to a club was exactly what I wanted to do. It was so good to see so many great friends in one place, and I ended up wishing that the night went on forever, because I really didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted to with any of you.

There were several people that I met for the first time, introductions that were long overdue, and I hope to see you all again soon.

The party itself (to me) was intimate (despite the eventual size), and had that feeling that only good friends and good music can produce. I can truly say I enjoyed every minute of it and that it made up for a bad New Year's last year....

To all who met and chatted with my friend Patrick, I wish to thank you on his behalf, because he had an amazing time, and enjoyed meeting a great many of you. This goes for my friend Courtney as well, who had an amazing time and enjoyed chilling with you guys.

Jeffsus: Well my client, although you showed up waaay too late, thank you for guiding me through another ridiculous evening of debauch.

Chris & Louie: It was great seeing you guys again. It seems we are the only ones who never get sick with talking about trance, and so whenever I see you two, it always puts a smile on my face.

JayIsBored: It was mighty drinking Rassberry vodka with you in the beginning, I'm only sorry that we couldn't hang out more the rest of the night.

Tina: My wonderful roomate. Wicked partying with you as always. Great job on the decorations.

Allie: soooo much fun
The lovely hostess herself! Thank you for letting my friends come over as well, because they had a great time. Great party and I'm only sorry that I couldn't stay and clean up any more than I did.

Cri & Dave: I'm really glad you guys made it back from Vermont for this. It was good to see you both again, I'm only sorry that Dave had to leave so soon.

Stacey: Always wicked to see my favourite bakery girl again.

It was great meeting new people like Joey, Graham, Sunkist, and many, many others who I just can't remember in this haze, as well as seeing Dan, Jay, Pete, Ritika, TrueBlue, Amy and Derrick once again.

I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did, and I hope to see you all again soon!


P.S. Taleen: Where the fuck were you? you're fired! =)

orange richie

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What a party! This is definitely one of the best New Years parties I've ever attended. Lot's of beautiful people having an awsome time. Man were people ever partying hard but still managing to keep a great vibe in the air.

Thanks to Allie for using your house - it's really hard to throw a house party with all the cleanup and other problems that go with throwing a party this big. House parties are the best cuz of the intimate factor.

Thanks to Allie and Tina for organizing and anyone else who helped.

Had fun spinning except I don't remember doing the back to back set with Alchemy...
There was a good diversity of music which helped make the night more interesting.

To Derek, Helen, Ritika, people from Barrie and whoever elses names I forgot: thanks for the company during morning sketchiness. For some reason I lost track of time from when the sun came up till about 1:00pm when I decided to go home. The sun in the morning was a nice touch to the New Year.

When I got home I slept for 16 hours. WOW! I guess I needed it...

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...


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Oi! That night will go down in the books fer sure.

cracky? don't mind if I do! I got a feeling for the party the moment I entered the house.

"Where do I put my shoes and jacket?"

"In the room beside the door marked with a giant 'e' "


Big Thanks to Allie for being crazy enough to have all of us in her house. T'was quite fun spinnin some proggy trance for you as well.

To the guy who was trying to get on before me: Sorry dude, I hope I didn't come across as rude, but I had already let a few people go on b4 me and I was itching to play!

It seems that while drinking massive amounts of alcohol there are certain people I can't be around; Too many emotions and memories.

Apologies to anyone who had to stomach my crusader speech against our excessive lifestyle. Infact, apologies to anyone who had to listen to me talk for longer then 10 minutes cause I know I was sayin some crazy ass shit!


and see ya at the cottage.

Peace & love. D

Temper Tantrum

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DJAlchemy:
Apologies to anyone who had to stomach my crusader speech against our excessive lifestyle. Infact, apologies to anyone who had to listen to me talk for longer then 10 minutes cause I know I was sayin some crazy ass shit!</font>
Oh sweetie

That speech will go down in my memory forever, especially considering the circumstances. Don't put yourself down, you are one of my favourite people in the world, a loyal genuine friend and a barell of laughs.

You are a blessing on my life. Thanks for being there.

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