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Allen & Heath Xone:62

Adam Duke

TRIBE Member
Perfect condition
Used in smoke-free, home studio
Best mixer I've ever owned, hands-down.
If the bombs ever fall, I'm sure this thing will keep
working - the thing is built like a tank.
I've moved in a different direction musically and
need to re-arrange my studio - I'm just not using this
awesome mixer to its fullest potential any more.



• 6 Dual stereo inputs, 2 with mic inputs
• RIAA preamps for up to 4 turntables
• A/B input selectors with 2 colour indicators
• Stereo aux send with pre/post switching
• 4 Band asymmetric EQ with extended cut
• EQ in/out switches to defeat the effect
• Crossfader on and assign switches
• Colour coded crossfader routing indicators
• Crossfader output balance control
• Crossfader output to Aux send
• Dual stereo analogue VCF effects
• 3 Filter modes combine for more effects
• Resonance control for subtle or wild effects
• Filter switches to punch the effect in or out


TRIBE Member
I used this mixer for years before converting to 100% digi format and it is easily the best mixer I have had the pleasure of playing on.