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Alleged Serial Rapist in Toronto's rave scene.


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i've also seen this happen and made attempts to do something about it, mostly by talking to event security. i knew it wouldn't stop them permanently, but it's still worth doing what can be done. just so you can live with yourself the next day.

unfortunately, the all-ages rave scene was and is the perfect place for creepy motherfuckers with drugs to take advantage of young girls. and it's so scary the circumstance that girls can find themselves in when they've been hooked by someone like this. they're too high to think straight, and they've made a "friend" who is going to stick to them like glue. ugh, god help me if i have a daughter. she's never going to raves!

yep. Promoters and venues are really going to have to start to step up.

I think this situation will put the pressure on to do so.


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Keith Rampersad, 37, of Toronto, was charged with two counts of sexual assault, two counts of sexual interference, forcible confinement, administering a stupefying drug and choking.



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Ughh, this kind of stuff makes me sick. I once saw a guy who I knew was about 30 in a cuddle puddle with some 15 year old girls at a Hulla party. I didn't technically see any boundaries get crossed but I remember thinking he was a dirt bag. I brought it up to some mutual friends and they down played it and said he's harmless.

You just know that guys like that, given the opportunity, would take advantage of these girls. Sad.


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Hey, anyone know where I can pick up a pitchfork for cheap? Maybe on sale somewhere?
i have a 22" collapsible baton. Best part is that I know how to use it ;)

double best part about that, when you get hit by it... bones break!!!!
triple best part. It's happened before when I used it at work in the past
quadruple best part in regards to the triple best part: Never gone to court over it, and the cops "patted me" on the back for using it.


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"The rave turned dark went he entered the venue. She came to dance but he came to defile."

- Krzysiu asks Rosie Dimanno


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sooooooo.... i hope we can all assume when this fucking clown gets out, he's pretty much done, right?

i fucking hope so.

if you all don't agree.. well then. Step aside.


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He won't be able to stay around here, that's for sure. If it weren't for the prospective criminal record, I would say he would just move to Kansas. I'm sure his PR account is full of Kansas 15 year olds.


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Yerp...rapists do not make me feel nice.

I get angry and dream of torturing them in some pretty horrid ways. I think this might also make me very sick in some way...but it is what it is.

Not like I have done anything, but inside...I feel like they would deserve it.

The old english torture of a hot poker in the ass is truly the first thing that popped into my head. That or bindings and a set of very sharp pruning shears and the man's genitals.

Snip Snip...problem solved.

Yep...the sexual assault thing really stirs some very angry part of me.


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The old english torture of a hot poker in the ass is truly the first thing that popped into my head.
He cogheth first, and knokketh therwithal
Upon the wyndowe, right as he dide er.

This Alisoun answerde, "Who is ther
That knokketh so? I warante it a theef."
"Why, nay", quod he, "God woot, my sweete leef,
I am thyn Absolon, my deerelyng.
Of gold", quod he, "I have thee broght a ryng.
My mooder yaf it me, so God me save.
Ful fyn it is and therto wel ygrave.
This wol I yeve thee, if thou me kisse.
This Nicholas was risen for to pisse,
And thoughte he wolde amenden al the jape.
He sholde kisse his ers er that he scape;
And up the wyndowe dide he hastily,
And out his ers he putteth pryvely
Over the buttok, to the haunche-bon.
And therwith spak this clerk, this Absolon,
"Spek, sweete bryd, I noot nat where thou art."
This Nicholas anon leet fle a fart,
As greet as it had been a thonder dentght,
That with the strook he was almoost yblent.
And he was redy with his yren hoot,
And Nicholas amydde the ers he smoot.
Of gooth the skyn an hande-brede aboute
The hoote kultour brende so his toute
And for the smert he wende for to dye.
As he were wood, for wo he gan to crye,
"Help! water! water! help, for goddes herte!"


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He cogheth first, and knokketh therwithal
"Help! water! water! help, for goddes herte!"
Watched some great Millers Tale vid/film(might have just been a modern interpretation of the Full Canterbury gamut)not long ago...good times. Can't for the life of me think of where now, though.


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It is one of my favourite tales. When I was at uni, I'd be on the subway with this massive tome of Chaucer's works, laughing my ass off. People must have thought I was nuts :p


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Yep...the sexual assault thing really stirs some very angry part of me.
yeah. the even scarier part is that odds stipulate and lest 2-3 of the people who have posted in this thread have committed rape or sexual assault of some kind.

A small percentage of rapes are children/minors, such is the case with the accused - but it's happening everywhere, and it needs to stop.