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Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

I don't know if Doug Ford has the pathos that Rob did - Doug is way more obnoxious and is far more angry. He doesn't have some of that sad clown image that Rob had.

They should really be focusing on Mikey - he's the one that seems to have some pretty decent political instincts so far.
It's so adorable that you think you have some kind of say how the board runs.

What you drinking right now sloshie? OV? PBR? AntiFreeze you found next to someone's abandonned car in a parking garage?


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Well yeah it's an effective way of phoning in your complete dismay. CNN. Fox News. Same shit.

Tribe. 24/7

Is tribe even nessesary anymore?

Do people still post sets?


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No its a good way to share an insightful, funny or worthwhile point of view with others.

Thanks Bernnie for making the board better and contributing good stuff

Bernnie Federko

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So you're guilty of ressurecting a thread of someone who died.

Start a new hate on thread for Doug.

Keep shitting on this thread. Then you shit on it again with a tweet.
Hey Bitch, why do you think this thread is about Rob?

Maybe stop staying up all night drinking + getting high, and you'll be better at reading and comprehension?

See: DoFo, This thread is about