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Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party


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no, the media is doing that for him. I don't think he woke up and saw this coming.

the question is when do (the media) stop? or can they? this might be a road to hell as paved with good intentions.

we're re-writing how journalism is going to be conducted from here on out. The left tabloid, has offically been born. See you in idiocracy!
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we're re-writing how journalism is going to be conducted from here on out. The left tabloid, has offically been born. See you in idiocracy!
Ya - totally.. What a game changer.

We've never seen anything like this before.


...thats kinda true. Worst canadian mayor ever. We really haven't seen anything like Ford before.

But we've seen a media circus before, plenty of times, and sometimes the feeding frenzy is eating chum that really SHOULD be eaten.

The only shame here is we didn't have a big scandal about councilor Ford to turn a few local cycles and then be forgotten...


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Best thing about all this is that HOPEFULLY it will increase the amount of voter turnout next elections.
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way to base your assumptions on a video someone took when their going off. Ravaged skulls, you've proven you listen to the media, and google your proof of mind. Congratulations.

maybe the day will come when you're right based on intuition, but it's a lousy way to live.
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Judge links Rob Ford to Jailhouse Beating

Man beaten because he was 'bother' to Rob Ford: Judge | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun

TORONTO - A former common-law spouse of Kathy Ford who vowed to expose the Ford family to the media was savagely beaten in jail because he was a “bother” to the mayor, a judge told his sentencing hearing.

Justice Paul French said Scott MacIntyre “was viciously attacked and severely beaten” by inmates on March 12, 2012, in a “jailhouse justice” episode after the former boyfriend of Ford’s sister Kathy sent two letters. French concluded that the beating "was visited upon MacIntyre because of his being a bother to (Mayor) Ford.”

MacIntyre’s letters were intercepted from the Metro West Detention Centre last year. One letter meant for Kathy Ford included “messages to convince her to drop the charges, words to the effect … stop this s--- or I am going to start a s--- storm. You … think I should play nice, f--- you,’” French said in a transcript.

“A second letter, addressed I believe, to the Star, indicated a reporter should come and speak to Mr. MacIntyre for information that he could divulge to the papers.”

More than 18 months after the March 2012 beating — which left MacIntyre with a broken leg, shattered teeth and other injuries — questions remain on the horrible assault. No one has been arrested and authorities Thursday declined to release any information.

Ontario Correctional Services spokesman Brent Ross confirmed an investigation was conducted in the beating but “the substance of that investigation is confidential and cannot be released.”

Ross said all correctional facilities’ investigations are confidential.

Toronto Police spokesman Const. Wendy Drummond said she had no information to provide at press time.

There is no known link between MacIntyre’s beating and the explosive Ford video divulged Thursday.

A transcript of MacIntyre’s sentencing proceeding in June 2012 revealed that he was jailed for 10 months for uttering death threats, possession and attempting to break a court order — which was prohibiting him from communicating with the Fords.

MacIntyre, a convicted drug dealer who burst into Ford’s home while demanding money the Fords owed him, later threatened to kill the civic leader on Jan. 11, 2012.

MacIntyre came close to Ford, screaming, “You owe me money and your sister owes me money. If I don’t get it, they will kill me,” French said.

“You and your family are going to get it; you are going to pay for it.”

The heated argument “almost came to physical violence,” the judge said.

French said it was expected it would take a year for MacIntyre to recover from the “catastrophic leg injuries.”

At the sentencing hearing, both Fords generously urged leniency and freedom for MacIntyre.

His lawyer Sam Boutzouvis said his strung-out client “never intended to go to threaten Mr. Ford. It was meant to get a message to Kathy and it deteriorated from there.”

MacIntyre has racked up drug offences, starting 28 years ago. He was busted with heroin and cocaine within hours of his confrontation with the mayor.

MacIntyre is now free.

The mayor declined to comment Thursday night.
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