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All world travelers and punters, click on this thread

Booty Bits

TRIBE Member
so i'm travelling to london, england in about 2 weeks.
i leave on december 28th and i come back on january 6th.
i have never been to england before, so i have NO idea what i should do when i'm in london.
i'll be staying at a friend's house in Wood Green (almost at the northern most tip of the Piccadilly Line).
i know that a ton of tribers have been to london before, so i'm throwing it out there.
where should i go?
what should i see?
what great cheap restaurants have you been to?
what clubs are worth the admission?
what stores should i hit up?
what museums are a 'can't miss'?
although i'm going to be there for new years eve, i plan on doing a smaller pub night sorta thing to save on funds. however, i am very keen on doing one big giv'er londonstyle clubbing extravaganza while i'm there.

shower your wisdom upon me!

Boss Hog

TRIBE Member
London's shit (sorry all)

Make the trip to Stonehenge, it's worth it. Also, if you can, go to Nottingham.

Booty Bits

TRIBE Member
prolly won't be going very far out of the city limits, i fear.

its a very brief visit, mostly to spend time with my highschool girlfriends, but there will be time to do loads of fun stuff too.

dont rain on my parade, Boss Hog!


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StoneHenge is a bit out there, but it's just one of those things you have to see... I wanna go see it again.

Go see the Crown Jewels, etc...
Madame Tusaudes (sp?)
Ride the tube...
Eat fish & chips
Go to Sherlock Holmes house...
Hmmm... Records hop :p

And get your picture with the punks...

And London and Cheap don't go in the same sentence ;)

pr0nstar :D

Boss Hog

TRIBE Member
Well London is a big city so there will be lots to see. Try and avoid the south. :)

But seriously, take the bus out to Stonehenge.
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tate modern for sure
day trip to brighton (if the weather's alright)

club that i went to and worth it:

cheap restaurants:
i don't think they exist in london. be prepare for plenty of sammiches. indian food is great there and so are the bangers & mash.

unfortunately it'll probably be kinda chilly and wet, so wandering the city may not be the best thing. may be better to find places and stick to the tube as much as possible.


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take the tube.

go see all the touristy things.

go to Camden Town Market on a Saturday afternoon (that is if the street market is open in the colder months) it's bloody great and you'll find crazy-ass deals on shit you'll never get here.

if you're into Swear shoes, there is a Swear shop in Camden Town, and you'll find shoes that would normally cost you $300+ here, for something like $50-70 quid (even in the conversion, you're saving over a $100)

umm......tons to do.

I just took the tube and got off wherever I felt like and walked around. Best way to see the city.

have fun!!

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i'd skip brighton, bath, and stonehenge unless you've got time to waste.

camden is cool if you've got a destination in mind, i.e. going to a concert at camden lock or something. loads of cheap restaurants. i wouldnt go there just to walk around, though.

i've heard the jerry springer opera is the funniest show ever. it won all kinds of awards and junk. if you're going to the theater, check it out.

if you want to see the trendiest people in the world, go to trash monday night at the end or after school disco at LSE saturday night.

etc. etc.


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Originally posted by Boss Hog
London's shit (sorry all)

Also, if you can, go to Nottingham.

:) hey ... i lived there for about 4 months! i really loved the city!

British Museum - check out the marbles and the incredible Egyptian rooms they have. Trafalgar Square is right there for you to enjoy with all those pigeons.

Westminster Cathedral has some fantastic mosaic tile and is an interesting place to see.

Of course Westminster Abby, where you can do rubbings of some of the brass pieces...

Actually...*paging Nat*

Booty Bits

TRIBE Member
okay, so far heres what i've gathered:

-go to Tate Modern
-go to Camden, but ONLY on saturday
-eat at Wagamama
-go to photography exhibit outside of Natural History Museum
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Booty Bits

TRIBE Member
one question about Fabric,
the girls i'm gonna be hanging out with are pretty... how do i put this?...mainstream.
they're not super clubbers nor did they ever really get into the rave scene (except when i used to drag my friend martha when we were 16 years old).
that being said, they are also fairly 'up for it' and are definitely willing to do something different while on vacation.
i think i would be pushing my luck if i took them to a jungle event, but i think that house would go over pretty well.
do you think that Fabric is a good choice?


TRIBE Member
Originally posted by Boss Hog
seriously. In my opinion if you don't see Stonehenge you ain' seen nothin'.

Yep, main thing I had to see when I was there...

Now, I'm working on the others...

Pyramids, Great Wall, Barrier Reef, Galopogas... :D


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perhaps Ministry of Sound?

it's a wee bit expensive, however. But the night Pete and I went there was house in the main room and LTJ Bukem in the back room. Let me see if I can find a websight which lists upcoming events for you.
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Soho is the coolest place in london....

Tons of great shopping...and wikkid little record stores, pubs,

If you are into buying records....
thatz the ONLY inexpensive thing there *lol*

Covent garden is like right there...so you can buy

um...another really wikkid store in that area is

all kinds wikkid party clothes..jewlery...music...

and yeah...

FABRIC is the best club...

i think itz on fridays...DRUM N BASS... you'll FLIP when you see who the locals are (i'll keep that a secret)


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Seek out Ben Watt's (from Everything but the Girl) club night / morning after parties. It's not the superclub scene but they're definitely a rocking good time. Time Out should have a listing.


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Originally posted by keld
not good advice

obviously one should use descretion when doing such a thing but considering I was staying in one of the seediest areas (crime, people etc) in London, it made no difference to me. No one hassled me and I certainly had no problems.

when I told people I met where I was staying, they all looked at me with a blank stare, repeated the name and said, "wow, uh, what do you think of it mate??"


get a day pass for the tube (about 5 quid) and go see all the toursty stuff. Check out the MI5 building too - very cool. You can't go in, but it's neat to see it.

I didn't really go to any clubs in London, but I did get a tour of Ministry.....it's not what I expected but still a pretty decent venue.

go to Fulham as well. Great area for shopping.

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