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All Up In Ya Ass, Vista - It's Windows 7!


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is a time frame on the order of over a month not ridiculous tho(about how long 7 has been up and running for me)?
it still sucks huge. every other search i try for files that simply are there comes up with nothing. sooo annoying.

locate32 it is.
Mike, my version of the default search required some tweaking. . . it is set up to only search actual libraries at first. I found it difficult to locate the settings to ask it to index everything but I did find them.


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future shop rep just told me that most new net books will be running win7. Is this worth waiting for? do I actually want to run it on a net book?
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Well on my netbook vista ran better than XP (which it came with) and 7 runs better than vista. Full transparency enabled on the interface and all that fancy jazz. I like it a lot. Much more streamlined interface and stuff. Its simply streamlined and nicer. I'm running a stock MSI Wind U-100 netbook with 1gb ram just FYI.

EDIT: oh and im running Win7 Ultimate.


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Thanks, on that note, I suppose I will wait and get a netbook prepackage with win7 in a couple week rather than buying now.


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I've been running the Win7 RTM for the last 6 weeks or so on my work laptop, and I'm loving it. It is fast, the driver and application support is excellent, which fixes most of the gripes that people had with Vista.

The only consistent issue I've seen so far is a BSOD when I try to use the PPPoE dialer, but I don't really use it that often (just for troubleshooting purposes) and I haven't bothered investigating a fix for it yet. Also, they need to blow up the Network and Sharing Center and start over. It has gotten worse since Vista, and is very clunky and awkward.


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I bought an XP laptop with a "free" upgrade to Vista and would highly encourage anyone considering a purchase to wait until Windows 7 is preloaded on systems.

The upgrade process was the biggest clusterfuck - they wanted $60US to ship the "free" Vista disc, and there was no option to download the iso and get a registration code.

I didn't receive my disc until 3 months after Vista had been widely released , and by then had already initiated a chargeback with American Express against Microsoft and whatever company of idiots they had contracted for the fiasco.

Also, the best review of Windows 7 yet.

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