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All-Time Favorite Players


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With the passing of Kirby Puckett, my all time favourite athlete, I was wondering who other fans had love for.
In each sport, here are my favourites.
In hockey - Ron Francis
In football - Barry Sanders
In basketball - Muggsy Bogues
IMO all great play makers in all respects of there game. And, to my knowledge, all great people, although I only had the chance to meet Muggsy as a back up PG for the Raps.
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Baseball - Barry Bonds - I don't care about the roids, because MLB didn't for all those years. I don't care that the press and the majority of the general public hate him. He is still the greatest player of my generation and his hand speed is crazy fast. When he steps up to the plate you watch.

Hockey - Cam Neely - no explination required.

Basketball -#23 Jordan - nuff said

Football - Pinball Great athlete, great person, great coach


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Must add Pinball, but he should have his own 'modeled the yellow smiley face after him' thread. Hated Neely, Hartford and Boston really had a hate on for each other back in the day.


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Hockey - Wayne Gretzky, Dany Heatley
Basketball - Spudd Webb, Christian Laettner
Football - Barry Sanders, Takeo Spikes
Baseball - George Bell, Vernon Wells
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Sylent Syd

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Soccer - Johan Cruyff, Dennis Bergkamp
Hockey - Paul Coffey, Guy Lafleur, Wayne Gretzky
Basketball - John Stockton
Boxing - Muhammed Ali, Salvador Sanchez


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hockey = dennis maruk ( my uncle )...wayne gretzky...mike bossy.
tennis = andre agassi...boris becker.
cfl = PINBALL Clemons.
nfl = Joe Montana.
Mlb = Ken Griffey jr...Cal Ripken jr.
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