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All set for the storm? I am!


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I took out my shovel and it is waiting by my door. More importantly though, should I choose not to even open my door at all I have on hand:

1 box of clementines
6 nice mutsu apples
1 large length of garlic kielbasa
1 slab double smoked bacon
1 baguette
1/2 pound of black cat coffee
1 large bottle of coke zero
1 bottle kozlics horseradish mustard
+ fixins for pancakes in the morning
+ redundant internet connection
2 firelogs
1 large bag of firewood
0 vegetables

Take that impending storm!


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Bring it on !

My big boots are at the door step , fresh set of Marangoni snows on my Das Auto which is backed into the garage ready to leap over the banks like a cheetah at a zebras tonsils !

You guys in Toronto etc will start gettin the good stuff sooner than us here in Kingston , leave some good storm fury for us !
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Intelligentsia's coffee is excellent. I use it pretty regularly at home but have a batch of Stumptown Hairbender that's fucking killer right now.

Sounds like I might have to work from home tomorrow.

-- Jay aka Fut


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where do you get it?
Manic Coffee at Bathurst/College carries it. Fresh shipments come in every Thursday. They also carry Origins from Granville Island in BC which is also very good.

In addition to espresso blends, they have single origin coffees as well if you're going to use them in a French press, for example.

-- Jay aka Fut
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yeah really
I think I'll get the shovel out of the basement to clear the walk if there's anything on it before I get on the subway. End of story.


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weather eye on my android has been sending me the same update since 3pm today. i predict the infamous weather bubble of toronto will hold through once again and this will be minor.
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ah, it's that time of year again where i get to make fun of everyone for freaking out about 10 cm of snow in WINTER. hopefully the panic will get me sent home from work early a few times throughout the season. :D
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Winter tires on...

New wiper blades...

Scraper in car...

Yearly Krown rustproofing applied....

Full tank of gas....

Car in garage so no snow to clean off.

(I think the weather people are just talkin' a big game though)
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