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all seba tribute mix (drum and/or bass)


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all seba mix

a vastly underrated producer, who for many years has been releasing some of the deepest and most beautiful drum and bass imaginable. his early tracks on the Good Looking label were full of vision and atmosphere, many of which could be described as epic. there was a brief lull in output at the start of the century, but since his return the quantity and quality of releases has flowed, each track imprinted with that unmistakable seba sound, and each one a brilliant slice of drum and bass.

91 minutes

1. Seba - Camouflage [Looking Good]
2. Seba - Car Crash [Good Looking]
3. Seba & Lotek - Universal Music [Good Looking]
4. Seba - Catch The Moment [Looking Good]
5. Seba & Lotek - So Long [Looking Good]
6. Seba - Remedy [Good Looking]
7. Seba - Soul 2000 [Looking Good]
8. Blame - Sphere (Seba Remix) [720]
9. Seba - Lost Key [720]
10. Seba & Lenk - Pieces [Secret Operations]
11. Seba - Vector Reload [720]
12. Seba ft Aaron Phiri - Neophunk [Idioma]
13. Seba - Hidden Reflections [Secret Operations]
14. Seba - A Wonderful World [Warm Communications]
15. Seba ft Robert Manos - Make My Way Home [Offshore]
16. Seba - The Wasp [720]
17. Dragonsword - Uridium (Seba's Atari Remix) [720]
18. Seba - Electro Squad [Combination]
19. Seba - Piemo For B [Paradox Music]
20. Alaska ft Andrew Grant - Drum Sessions (Seba Remix) [Paradox Music]
21. Seba ft Robert Manos - Make Peace [Vibez]



Found it through google on this guy's website: (there's more mixes there)

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