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All Inclusive Resort Question


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That's ok, as poor as some people think Jamaica is, it's full of traditions, rich and beautiful nature and lots of things to do. Just make sure you don't do all that alone... trust me.

Oh, we had a blast... we were actually going back this December, but our plans have been postponed for a little while. :)

Negril beach is beautiful (south west of Jamaica), fun... you don't have to go to Hedo to enjoy the island... but DO go to Hedo if you want ALL SORTS OF OTHER fun.
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if your not looking for a destination with big clubs and more local bars being the nitelife take a look here.


i have been visiting freeport for many years and have actually moved here. the spring break/march season is one crazy time also, tons of people from all over partying it up 24/7. might be a little more expensive then cuba or cancun but all worth it. if you need more info about the islands of the bahamas send me a pm, thanks.



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don't go to Cancun. the water is really rough (though beautiful to look at) and a lot of the resorts are run down and filled with annoying teenagers. plus even with the best of care the water can make your tummy feel funny.

I'd suggest Cubs or DR

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Club Med Turks and Caicos was Paradise on earth!

Everyone was so friendly and the beach is the nicest softest and warmest I've ever experienced.

TaCk OnE?

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I stayed at Arenas blancas also and really enjoyed it.

only thing to consider is that from december to april, places like cuba, florida, and basically anything north of nasau can be rather cold....cuba especially as it's right off the coast of miami, and they go down to about 10-15 degrees sometimes.


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I really love Mexico, but I would not recommend Cancun. Too built-up and too many 18 year olds running around.

Puerto Vallarta was perfect. You can still go to clubs downtown, but it is a beautiful old city with lots of charm. The beaches were striking with dark brown sand and emerald water. I'd go back there in a second.
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TaCk OnE?

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speaking of vacations, can anybody suggest some good selloff vacation sites?

i'm trying to go away right after christmas, but am finding it difficult to find anything that isn't, like, 2200 per person...

there are some good priced trips on redtag.ca, and selloffvacations.com isn't that bad, but still not great.

looking for more options as I'd prefer to buy something in advance than get something last minute and maybe risk not going....

but if the price isn't right, I'll just wait until later....need some other sites to reference though.




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I signed up to every travel site to get emails from them when they have sales going on...if you haven't yet I suggest you do eeet now. I went to DR for less than $500 to an AI resort (five star) last minute and i had a great time. The problem is they send a gazillion emails every day and somethimes it's annoying.
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We just hit Cabo San Lucas in Mexico last week and I was quite surprised how many single ladies were party'n it up at the downtown Cabo bars. It was sort of like a mini spring break kinda thing, loads of fun. Girls dancing on tables all night long, conga lines going through tequila stations, upside down shots, body shots, all that fun stuff. We stayed at the RIU Palace, brand new, gorgeous resort. Check out pics and reviews of any of the resorts mentioned on this site



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I didn't see a single bug the entire time I was in the DR. Everyone around puerto plata spoke enough english and I spoke enough spanish to get it done
That's very nice, congratufuckinglations.

Seriously though, all resorts in the Caribbean aren't immune from bugs, if you think so, more power to you.

In Cuba, most employees attend "Tourism School" where they learn english, not all employee's in the DR do, as a result, when asked for directions to the washroom I was handed a wet napkin.

Don't be so defensive. What applies to one resort does not apply to all of them, duh.


p.s. check out "generalization" in the dictionary, it'll do you some good.

p.p.s. You get what you pay for in the Caribbean.


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Originally posted by mr tall
check out this resort HA!


"Are you there yet? Upon arrival at our splendid villa, you and your friends are greeted by an extraordinary welcoming party. A stunning array of sensuously beautiful women, selectively picked from the most exotic regions of the world."

niiiiiiice. a whorehouse of a vacation.
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