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All Inclusive Resort Question


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Anyone have any suggestions for a vacation for a large group of women to go and party it up?


We are going to go around March and I need some ideas....

Cancun is one of them...but something a little less americanized would be great...

mmmm swim up bar


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Originally posted by junglegirl
but something a little less americanized would be great...
The obvious choice would be Cuba...Do a search for Arenas Blancas in Veradero. It's hotness. A day trip to the Rum and Cigar factories in Havana is very nice.

Not too heavy on the clubs though, if that's what you're looking for.


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I recommend the Domincan Republic.

We stayed in a resort that was not in a resort city and it made all the difference.


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Me, my gf and her friend just came back from Puerto Plata in the DR on Saturday. We went there last year too.

Last year we stayed at Breezes Puerto Plata, this year we stayed at Bahia Principe. Both resorts were really good. Beach was much nicer at the Bahia, as well as the entertainment. Theres a whole strip of bars, pubs and a nightclub, along the entrance way, away from the rooms.

It was definately a good time. We took a day trip to a rum factory, an amber museum, a fort and into Sosua to shop, and it was a great day.

Check the Bahia Principe out. I would reccomend booking through Sunquest (or the sunquest provided package off itravel or selloffvacations.com) because they have a private reception area, upgraded rooms, and were on top of every request that anyone made.


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If you are heading to the Dominican try Jack Tarr - They offer a 19+ Resort so you dont have little kids running around everywhere. A good mix of old and young


Cartagena, Columbia - A great destination with decent reorts and its cheap! North Americans still have a negative outlook on this awesome city. Check it out!


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our resort in the DR was called Luperon. it was quite cheap, and not in the city, which means not so good for the shopping (which we weren't there for) but nice n quiet, not too touristy.


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Cuba: Cayo Coco / Cayo Guillermo

We stayed at the Iberostar Daiquiri - very nice.

It's not a party resort but the food was good and they have awesome beachfront. The Cayos are the most secluded part of Cuba, tourist-ly-speaking. But they have excursions all over the place. Do your reading. El Senador would be a good party one on the Cayos, I think.

http://debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com is an AWESOME resource for planning an inclusive vacation - they have reviews week by week from people who were just there, so you find out who to talk to, who the good bartenders are, what works and what doesn't, etc.

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I went to puerto plata in 2003 and stayed at the marien coral http://coralbyhilton.com/marien/.

The resort was brand spanking new, the grounds were well manicured and the food was amazing. It was reasonably priced and I felt that I got my money's worth. I didn't have a single complaint about anything the whole time I was there. The staff was courteous and professional. We were blessed with amazing weather, we only had about 15 minutes of rain the entire time we were there. The nightly entertainment was good. Didn't do much after dark, so I can't really comment on the nightlife, we were too wiped from doing stuff during the day to go out boozing.


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The Dutch side of St-Maarten/St. Martin is fucking AMAZING.

Cuba, DR and Mexico are all nice, but compared to Jamaica, St-Maarten, Aruba, etc, they PALE in comparison, in every regard (temperature, surroundings, people, food, etc).

if you like to smoke weed...

it's EVERYWHERE in St. Maarten (it being Dutch and all...) & Jamaica, well, duh.

DR and Cuba we not as chronic friendly...at least where we were staying.

Oh, and no one spoke english in DR (which was at times frustrating), as opposed to Cuba where people spoke better english than most members of tribe, lol.

don't forget bug spray, that is all.


p.s. they're were tons of fucking AMAZING bar/clubs in St. Maarten...the locals are awesome.

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Originally posted by Chaos
don't forget bug spray, that is all.

p.s. they're were tons of fucking AMAZING bar/clubs in St. Maarten...the locals are awesome.
I didn't see a single bug the entire time I was in the DR. Everyone around puerto plata spoke enough english and I spoke enough spanish to get it done.

St Maarten is far more expensive than the DR or Cuba. At least according to my travel agent. The 'rents went there this year and had a blast.


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yeah i would love to go to st. maartan but I think it may be a bit pricey...

I think cancun is where we will end up going....

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Originally posted by KillaLadY
Hedo III... nothing beats that place.
Have you been? What's the deal with the hedonism resorts? Is it just a bunch of people running around naked, that have no business running around naked?


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I havent been but a friend of mine went to jamaica on vacation and they overbooked the resort she was at so they sent her and her friend to a hedonism resort and it was complete debauchery!!!!

she had a blast walking around naked and having random sex - haha

i think peeps are naked everywhere and having sex all over the place...

im pretty sure she mentioned some dude giving oral sex to a girl in the hottub they were all in....


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Originally posted by Sleepy Giant
Have you been? What's the deal with the hedonism resorts? Is it just a bunch of people running around naked, that have no business running around naked?
Yup... two years ago. Went to II and III, but III is the place to be for someone in their early 20's.
Whatever happens there, stays there... that's all I have to say.

I think I wrote a review while back... yes you're naked, yes you can have sex wherever you want (eventhough they say you cannot), there is so much weed available, it's intoxicating, hot people (at III, at II it was older crowd), HOUSE music in their clubs... food is excellent (considering I LOVE spicy food)... they even have sushi bars.

It was awesome.
I went to St. Marteen, went to Cuba, went to Dominican, but the vibe in Jamaica cannot be beat.
III is closer to other things from outside that you can do, you can visit the Bob Marley museum, falls... just make friends with the people that work there and give them $100, they will give you the best time of your life.

Fun... for sure.



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killalady, that sounds like my kinda place! and judging from that massive grin on your face, sounds like you had yourself a pretty good time!

<----jamaica bound this fall! :D

*edit: no hedo for me tho... small hut right on the beach
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