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All Hail The Mighty Swedes @ Turbo

Adam Duke

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This night is so deserving of a fanatical first post review at 7:50am (i still haven't slept).

What can i say - I didn't realize just how much i missed those swedish boys and their delightful music until I was standing in the middle of the floor, drenched in sweat like a madman, and a sly grin on my face that merely pinnacled the rate at which my head was bobbing to those hard, funky techno rhythms.

The Suke-man was in full effect and I met deep for the first time (which was wonderful BTW - we have to meet in circumstances where normal voices actually carry to the listener!). So many true tech-heads were there, it was like being a part of a family again...*wipes tear from eye*

For those who stayed to the end, Lotus threw down the best set i think i've heard him spin in a LONG time. Massive props.

Shouts to:
tommy smalls
girl friday
Technocratic Girl
bryce walker
wabi crew
Format boys
Julia (girl, i haven't seen you in ages!)
adam p
john lik-rush(of course!)
and others I'm sure...

tech care,

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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i got there round 11:30 or so, caught the last 30-45 minutes of local techno genius kenny glasgow doing his thang - he was throwing down some slick tracks and is mixing was smooth (dare i say, TOOO smooth
)...thats my one critique of "the man" himself is a bit more energy on the mixer would be nice, but regardless, a flawless set.

joel mull was the first of the swedes to throw down...he carried the torch nicely from kenny, doing a bit more layering of his tracks and working the floor into a frenzy.

i haven't seen cari lekebusch since prolly the fall of 97, so i wasn't sure what to expect given his frenetic style of production. he brought the energy level in the room to the next level by slamming down swedish anthems and working the mixer quite nicely...

its too i didn't last to hear lotus spin, pretty much all i've heard him play in the past year or two has been minimal to tech-house.



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I eneded up waiting at the coffee time whare my friend said he would meet me (he was paying for me too) intil 1 when I went home knowing I was missing my hero in action.. cari lekebush


All i can say is this. It was sick. Met up with friends. Listened to some of the best music i've heard in a while. I love the sound system at turbo. It's not often i get to hear quality sound like that.

I hope maul and especially lekebusch come back real soon.

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last night was fucking phenomenal.
i have never danced so long and hard and not feel the slightest bit of tiredness.


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Oh wait, I've got one huge beef about last night. WTF was up with the beer!?!?! They were all in cans...I felt like a US college kid. Rock on dude!!! <smashes can into forehead>


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Balzz:
Rock on dude!!! &lt;smashes can into forehead&gt;</font>

*LMAO* (picturing Shane doing this)

dammit, wish I coulda been there (damn work)!!!! *sniff*



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The unofficial reasoning for cans now being served at turbo instead of bottles is this:

When I resigned my position with the barstaff, the bus-boys got unruly and were caught smashing bottles left right and centre. So the bar manager decided to change to cans, in order to avoid that mess.


Honestly, I've aksed the same question, and I still don't have an answer. But it probably has something to do with them being able to fit more cans in the fridges than bottles. Or something.

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Par- T

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Arrived at 11:30
Was dancing within 10 min. thanks to Kenny's bangin' beats.
On to the the Swedes who kept the assault comming and comming.
Joel then Cari building and building.
Great sets all round (only a couple of lulls that lost me, but so what).
Tried to leave 3 times, just as I was walking to the back the track changed and I was bouncing away again. Figured I would leave when Lotus started, WRONG, out came the funky techno and I was off to happy land again.

Much fun all around. As usual the tech-heads were in full support (minus a couple of notable exceptions).

Tech-feast to continue tonight, I hope I can still dance!


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Whee! Got my ass kicked at work for a solid 8 hrs (I'm a professional cook) while standing on my feet in a hot kitchen. Didn't think I felt like dancing at all. Got to Turbo around 12:45, Joe Mull was already on.

Danced until 4. Well, danced, stopped. Danced, stopped. Panted hard, listened and smiled. Danced, stopped.

It was sooooooooo nice to hear smashing techno in a big club with a big crowd and a big sound system. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I was just too pooped.

Fun fun fun. Just got off work, and now I have to get ready to go to Machina 02 tonight! GawK! Then work at 8am! GaH! It's a good thing I really love the music so damn much, it makes it all worthwhile.


I can sleep when the techno is done.

Well, provided there aren't any good house, D&B, breaks, or hard garage nights going on. Then I can sleep.



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Hard, funky, pumpin' techno all night long!
It was good seing Suke and Deep, and hardtekfunk, you forgot about me! Good turnout I thought...met some wicked party people.

Yeah, beer in a can is like sex in small car...good, yet it can be much better!


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just got back home now.

- shout outs to hardtekfunk, tommysmalls, suke, chrome and nesta . anyone else forgotten was done so along with much of my childhood and education in the brain cells lost over the course of the night
- missed out on meeting jmaggs, mystique and d.code
- mull's set was ho-hum for me but a nice segue between glasgow and leikebusch
- having brand new camera batteries confiscated and subsequently LOST sucks...can anyone offer me a substantial reason for why cameras aren't permitted in clubs anymore?
- leikebusch was full tilt, blew the roof off the place, did not expect this from him based on his most recent releases
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So good, so good, so good...

Cari is a machine...I've never seen a DJ more focused on what he was doing...I watched him for his entire set and he may have looked up once, it was just decks, mixer, records, decks, mixer, mixer, decks, mixer, records, ...over and over...so sweet.

Joel was great too, but he more or less got me going for Cari...the tag team bit at the end of Cari's set was the peak for me.

I seem to have missed talking to everybody, wups, I was in my own little techno world what can I say...hehe